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    Permissions Incorrect On Toast 11 Folder

    From what I can tell by running dscacheutil -q user, the Toast installer is setting user id 501 as the owner. This is fine assuming that there is only one user on the system and that you happen to be a user with uid 501. Unfortunately, uid 501 on my systems belongs to an Apple Remote Desktop user account. So I now have to go around and manually change the permissions so that all users on the system can access the program. Interestingly, the installer asks that question (install for all users) yet doesn't set the permissions so that all users can access the program.
  2. osxdude

    Permissions Incorrect On Toast 11 Folder

    As an update, I was able to duplicate this behavior on several other Macs (all running OS 10.6.6) in order to rule out potential system problem on just one machine. I haven't had time to check in depth, but my guess is that the installer is running as a specific user id, which is why the permissions/ownership are set to a different user on each system. I just haven't had time to look in terminal and check and see which user id it is. I'm kind of surprised that no one else seems to be having this issue judging from the forums here.
  3. After running the new Toast Installer, I chose the option to install for all users. Once the installer completed, the Toast 11 folder in Applications had permissions for another admin user on my system and that user had read/write and everyone had no permissions. I had to manually change the permissions in order to open the folder and launch the application. I'm curious if anyone else has observed this behavior?