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    Creator 7.5 Vs Creator 8

    Thanks. I'll do that. ..... john
  2. Shinnen

    Creator 7.5 Vs Creator 8

    Thanks Brendon. I will do as you suggest. .... john
  3. Shinnen

    Creator 7.5 Vs Creator 8

    Hi DG, It was windows xp, either SP2 or SP3. I waited for hours, and still no change. It looks like the concensus is that version 8 isn't worth insalling. So, I won't bother any further with it. Thanks for the help. By the way. I also got a copy of "Easy CD and DVD buring NFR ....... originally called ...... Easy CD and DVD Creator 6" Is anyone familiar with this software? ..... john
  4. Hi, I recently bought version 8 (for next to nothing), but am having trouble installing it (windows xp). It just sits at a screen saying "Please wait while setup loads ..." I currently have version 7.5 installed (my old version) but only reinstalled it when I was unable to install version 8, hoping that it might solve the installation problem. Any help is appreciated. ..... john
  5. Hi, I have an mpg movie that I'm trying to cut out a section in the middle, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. I've been trying to use the Video Trimmer, but just can't seem to figure it out. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, ....... john
  6. Hi Bruce, I have the firewire cables. Would I capture it with Windows Movie Maker or will Roxio do that? Computer is a p4, 1gig of memory, and 2.8 ghz cpu. I have IE 8 and SeaMonkey, and my WMP is 10 or 11. So...... there's not much point in installing it? Thanks, .... john
  7. Hi, I haven't installed the 7.5 software yet. I would like to know first if I need anything in addition to it in order to make movies from my camcorder videos, i.e. will Roxio extract, convert, author, and burn these movies to DVD. (I have the necessary hardware and windows xp sp2). Thanks, ....... john