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  1. I'm using Toast 11.1 to convert video files I've recorded from my TV at 1080i to 720p. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to deinterlace the video during conversion. Even though the is converted to 720p, the interlacing jaggies stay in the video. Anyone know of a way to get the video converted correctly?
  2. The Real Dave

    When Can I Dl Toast 10 Pro?

    Nevermind. I got tired of waiting and decided there really wasn't any reason to spend $130 to upgrade from 9. Canceled the order.
  3. The Real Dave

    When Can I Dl Toast 10 Pro?

    I purchased Toast 10 Pro about 2 hours ago and I still haven't gotten a serial number or download link.
  4. I just purchased Popcorn 2 but I'm having a problem with it. I am trying to compress some DVDs to Divx and popcorn 2 is resizing the out. Popcorn reports that the video is 720x480. When I go to either Divx or h.264 export options, they both report the video input is 640x480. Obviously this distorts the video. How can I set popcorn to export the video at 720x480?