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  1. Don't quote me on this, but I also am unable to get files from VCRtoDVD program to save files in anything but mpg formatted files. I think the files need to be mp4 or some other kind to work in other programs. I think you need quicktime PRO to change the file's format. Don't quote me. I, myself, have just ordered quicktime pro and I am waiting for it to arrive. :)

  2. hello - can you please assist with toast 9 and "easy" vhs to dvd for mac?

  3. I just installed the "easy" vhs to dvd for mac and recorded a test video from a vhs video tape. After recording it I then clicked on 'send to toast'. I then opened up Toast9, clicked on 'Video', chose 'DVD-Video', left the encoding to automatic, moved the video quality to 'best', then clicked on 'Add', navigated to the 'Easy VHS to DVD Capture' folder and chose the test video which is in .mpg format and it is giving me error message "test.mpg is in an unsupported format and cannot be imported". Can somebody PLEASE help???1986 David birthday.mpg