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    Video Copy & Convert - Roxio Creator 2011 Pro

    I am having the same problem. I have tried several videos using IE 9. Note that this has worked fine in the past. I had downloaded just a month ago but now no dice. I've had no luck with any video captureing off the web. I just posted these two links and clicked on them on this page, and the 1st video came up in Roxio. The video won't load directly when on YouTube. What the heck ?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YlN_5SmNdw
  2. Victors Valiant

    Photoshow On Facebook

    I have seen that and it looks like it is there. I'm gonna delete the app and try and redo everything from scratch. Just redid the app thing and still I can't figure out how to view the photoshow in facebook.
  3. Victors Valiant

    Photoshow On Facebook

    I used Roxio Photoshow to upload the photoshow. I used the quickpost button . The thing is, that even I can't see where the photoshow is now. I saw it on facebook when I uploaded it but now can't find it. I just uploaded a new photoshow and it shows up at http://apps.facebook.com/wildfire/fbhandler.ashx?ut=dBFII5RbVxUc8nBdc3bMDT7hmmrIvgen1wCG_dxqadJhAAWkNZS/IhV-1DGKZvwZ0-DQUg5JS8Y61ukrjwOp8p81S9pP6R_Bhovjem/yHtbA0dAsx-PMuL2zIosIac-rUvj3lTh1WL6rg0IY1bFO3pdrg/QvxN_Pxa0r6kxTb5QiZNn7ojd-SXYnLUgrW6iw-OIzAzp8hZBM/N_hpwEauylxTRx_cgc05ZBISwHERGEu4oItx-COhiYkSetnjhG/qwVL4xLyAMnwfgAQgkXh-rPK_G6IUbFY_S-7vH4T_0M9G4AKbZ/XyK-xKFvFEb5Lk2hS7hDqFsPoT3d-fXnjq_QMzkcLjDA4l3cKv/pLGtksAyxTa65nWW4vTDUPNBnyBgefiikIlH6nvIFrIXq4YpJO/B8YaY3mXI8iWBFPRliPtY2OnTSQkix13VP6Of9uD4rKyXCA
  4. Victors Valiant

    Photoshow On Facebook

    I have posted pictures on facebook and links to YOutube and they work. What privacy settings are you referring too? I can't see the photoshow either and I uploaded it. The only time I saw it was when I uploaded it.
  5. Victors Valiant

    Photoshow On Facebook

    I use PhotoShow 6. I don't have the premium Photoshow. I did get my photoshow onto facebook, but it doesn't show up where people can view it, ie my wall or my homepage. What am I missing? Thanks.