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    Spin Doctor Will Not Open

    Hello Toasters, I recently upgraded from Toast 10 to 11. Everything works great, except for Spin Doctor. When I try and open the application, I immediately get an error message "The application Spin Doctor quit unexpectedly. Mac OSX and other applications are not affected. Click relaunch to launch application again. Click report to see more details or send a report to Apple." I have tried opening through the application folder on my mac, and also through Toast 11 (via the "Extras" drop down menu"). It is still on Version 1.0, and I am not sure how to get download version 1.0.1. I thought it might be a plugin issue, and I have checked the Library>Audio>Plugins>VST, but there is nothing in that folder. Is anyone else having this issue, or know how to fix it? Thank you in advance for any help. Running Mac OSX 10.5.8 All Toast 10 software is still installed, and CD Spin Doctor 6 still works perfectly.
  2. Lucas H

    Using Dvd+R Dl With Bd Plugin?

    Alright, I figured out my problem... It was in fact my Blu-Ray player. I was able to test the DVD+RDL in my friends Sony Blu-ray player, and a Playstation 3, and it worked in both of them.
  3. Lucas H

    Using Dvd+R Dl With Bd Plugin?

    Hello Fellow Toasters, I recently upgraded to Toast 11 with the BluRay Plugin. I am burning H.264 files to DVD media via my Mac's redlaser Superdrive, for playback on Blu Ray Players. I was able to burn a 4gb video onto a DVD-R, and it plays back on my Samsung BD-P1600 player, and it looks great! I then tried to burn a 5gb video file (same settings as the previous video) to a DVD+R DL (double layer 8.7gb). The burn appears to work perfectly and toast verifies the Disc. But when I put the disc in my Samsung player, it says "unable to read disc." I tried playing the disc on my mac with the Roxio Player, and it works. So I am thinking the problem is with my BD player. But before I go out and buy some DVD-R DL discs and test those, I thought I would check here. Has anyone had issues with DVD+R DL from a mac superdrive? Or is it probably my BD player which is not able to recognize the DVD+R DL? Thanks in advance for any help or incite!
  4. Lucas H

    Bluray Plugin

    When you open the DMG file, there is the "Install Toast 11" and a folder titled "Pro Apps." In the "Pro Apps" folder you will see Adobe Photoshop Elements, FotoMagico, Sonicfire Pro 5 Installer, Soundsoap for Toast 2.4 installer, and TOAST 11/HD/BD PLUG-IN INSTALLER. It took me about 20 minutes of frustration until I found it here...