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    Fail To Setup System Components

    Thanks for the detail. Yes I am trying to use the Roxio USB device. I got it with Creator 2011. With the exception of the audio synch problem it sorta worked with 2011. After installing the upgrade to 2012, however, I get nothing but errors. I have never been able to use this thing productively. Re: ADV DV 110, I will investigate the 1394 cable issue. However, the ADV DV 110 is fully self powered and does not have software or require device specific drivers. It is ADV Compliant. It just supplies a stream via the host firewire driver and in the case of Windows uses the DirectShow codec. As I said above, I can capture the stream with WMM or a variety of primitive Open Source tools and maintain audio synch, no problem. If a group of Open Source hackers can do this without a glitch, why not Sonic/Roxio? Is there some sort of licensing war going on here behind the scenes? I have used Adaptec/Roxio software for years to burn CD/DVD data discs and perform other disc related functions. It always worked reliably without a hitch which is why I have gone down this road. But with video, that is not the case. Perhaps the problem is that Creator is just a consumer entertainment product and I am expecting too much; or perhaps Roxio's marketing specification are not, well, specific enough. Customer service is certainly not well informed.
  2. lonepine

    Fail To Setup System Components

    After removing all Roxio and Divx components, I have now done a clean install of Creator 2012. The results are the same as before. I even tried different USB ports. 1) I get preview and sound from composite video but get the 'unknown capture error' when I try to save to file. 2) I get sound but no video from s-vid and the 'unknown capture error' when I try to save to file. 3) I get the 'setup failed' error when I try to connect to ADV 110. Everything still works fine with WMM.
  3. lonepine

    Fail To Setup System Components

    Thanks Jon. But this component is a standalone hardware digitizer that uses no software. It relies totally on the host computer's default capture interface and codecs. It is used by at least 10s of thousands of video enthusiasts world wide as it works with Mac, -nix, and Windows computers using Windows MovieMaker or a half-dozen Open Source video capture tools. The big advantage is that it is a real time digitizer the puts no demand on the host. The problem is that there is no reasonably priced editing app other than Windows MovieMaker (on Windows) in which to immediately edit captured clips. It would seem that this would be a perfect opportunity to boost the sales of Creator. It is just really frustrating that such a simple and obvious interface doesn't seem to be supported.
  4. lonepine

    Video Capture Doesn't Work In Creator 2012

    According to "sales" it would work. Don't bother responding. Your posts are uninformed, useless and inflamatory. I am getting help elsewhere.
  5. lonepine

    Fail To Setup System Components

    Ok. Thanks for responding! Now we have someone's attention. The ticket is 1162667. It pretty much says what I spelled out above. Time code refers to the SMPTE family used as a standard in the video and motion picture industry. WMM and Open source capture tools have no problem with synch. The computer is a Dell Precision 4500 running Win7-32 with 4GB ram and a dual quad-core i7. Tons of high-speed disc space. Only core infrastructure apps running. If it can't run on this, it can't run anywhere. For specs on the Canopus and related products see http://www.grassvalley.com/products/advc110 The default Windows 1394 driver and DirectShow codec are all that are needed to capture the stream from this device. How hard can it be? OK. I will go through the whole uninstall thing but the USB capture update installer is currently crashing. Hope that's not a problem.
  6. About a year ago I purchased Creator 2011 Pro with the USB Video attachement. The capture device worked with Composite and S-Vid but the resulting capture had no audio synch. Audio synch was lost after about 30 seconds. I considered this to be completely useless. I then purchased a Canopus ADVC-110 for video capture. The Canopus works great via firewire/DirectShow and either Windows MovieMaker or Open Source capture software but not with Creator. The Canopus product is an ADV DV compliant external hardware digitizer. All it does is pass a DV stream to the computer. While WMM captures video without a problem, Creator 2011 Pro could not recognize the device at all. I finally gave up on using Creator for any video projects. Recently I chatted with Roxio customer service ("sales"). They assured me that Creator 2012 Pro would work fine with the Canopus. They also assured me that due to bug fixes, the time synch problem was no longer an issue with the USB capture device. I went ahead and upgraded Creator 2011 to 2012. The results are appalling. The USB capture device does not work at all. It only recognizes Composite video and fails to capture a single frame with the error "An unknown capture error occurred." The capture status reports "no signal" after the capture button is pushed, even though it is playing in the preview window and no data is recorded. When I trying to use the Canopus via firewire, Creator immediate throws the error "Failed to setup system components for picture or sound." I ran the driver update that was posted but that failed to install and crashed. After being assured that this stuff would work flawlessly in 2012 I am extremely dissatisfied not only with the performance of this product but also with the misinformation that I received from your customer service. I can record video from the Canopus to file via Windows MovieMaker, WinDV, VirtualDub and VLC Player no problem. But not from the Roxio capture software, not even from the Roxio USB capture device. I thought I was paying Roxio for something more. So far, Roxio technical support has not provided any information. In fact, as of this posting have not responded at all. Can anyone provide a credible reason for not demanding a refund?
  7. lonepine

    Fail To Setup System Components

    I had the same problem with Creator 2011 using the ADVC 110. I was told that I needed a compatible driver for it. This is (politely speaking) nonsense. The ADVC 110 is an external DV digitizer. It supplies a digitized video stream like any DV camera and is ADV compliant. All that is required is the Windows DirectShow driver which is part of the default Windows installation for 1394 firewire ports. Roxio's capture stuff simply doesn't work. Their USB capture device doesn't even work with their own software. At least in the 2011 version you could generate a file but it 2012 it doesn't work at all. In 2011, you got a file but no time code therefor the audio does not synch. I was told by sales that these problems were resolved in 2012. They're not. Aside from being misinformed, Roxio support has not responded to my requests for explanation. My advice is to use Windows MovieMaker which is free with the Windows Live suite. It works fine and its free. You can also use a number of free Open Source tools such as WinDV, VirtualDub or the VLC Player Tool. I do not recommend using Roxio software if you need to capture video from an external source.