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    Bd-R Write Error With Lg Int Burner

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    Spanning: Burn Second Disc Only?

    Thanks for the reply. That's a good idea about manually putting the second disc together--I think that should work for what I'm doing.
  3. percy2000

    Spanning: Burn Second Disc Only?

    I've been having this issue: I'm burning data to DVD-Rs, using disc spanning. I burn the first disc, and Toast freezes at the start of burning the second disc, requiring a force quit of the application. When this happens, is there a way to burn the second disc only, or do I have to start from the beginning and re-burn the first disc, even though I already have that one? I have saved the Toast .disc file.
  4. I've got a long .mov file. When I burn it onto a DVD-R with Toast 10 it encodes it first, which I know is normal. But I'm wondering if there's a video format that Toast can burn without encoding?
  5. percy2000

    Bd-R Write Error With Lg Int Burner

    I have an LG GGW-H20L burner installed in a Mac Pro. I've burned many BD-Rs with it, usually with Memorex BD-R discs. Recently I bought a spindle of Verbatim BD-Rs (LTH Type), and can't get them to burn. This is the error I get with Toast 10: The drive reported an error: Sense Key=Medium Error Sense Code=0x0C WRITE ERROR If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate hearing them. ETA: I just realized I have older firmware for my drive. I found a firmware update on the LG site but it's an .exe file--anyone know how to update this on a Mac?