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    Burn hangs at 99%

    If I try to burn an MPEG2 Program Stream file to DVD+RW, it proceeds normally in the Writing popup until it gets to "99% completed", then hangs.The access LED on the front of the DVD writer keeps flashing, as though there's activity of some sort on the writer. If I click on Stop, then Abort, it then hangs in the Aborting... popup, continuing to show "99% completed". Clicking on the rec "close icon for the popup window has no effect. Choosing "Quit" from the popup menu for Toast in the Dock has no effect. Quit on Toast in Activity Monitor has no effect, either. Force Quit in Activity Monitor causes Toast to quit, but the access LED on the writer keeps flashing. Restarting the Mac stops the access LED from flashing, and when the Mac has restarted, the DVD is mounted with the name I gave it, but its top level directory is empty: it doesn't have the expected top-level VIDEO_TS directory. The DVD can be erased by Toast, and the same DVD can be written to as a data DVD by Toast. MacBook Pro (13" 2019, Four Thunderbolt 3 ports) LG SuperMulti Blade GP70NS50 DVD writer macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76) Toast Titanium 18.2.1 (5887) Verbatim 4.7GB DVD+RW
  2. prl

    Purchased Pro, Only Getting Titanium

    I think I'm in the same position as recipe0. I downloaded and installed Toast Titanium Pro. In the downloaded .dmg, it has a folder Pro Apps, all of which installed with the keys I got when I paid for the upgrade from 11 Pro. However, when I installed it, it installed into /Applications/Toast 12 Titanium as Toast Titanium (no mention of "Pro"). I don't have a Blu-Ray device, but when I run my copy of Toast, I see "Show Blu-ray video projects" ticked in Toast Titanium>Preferences>General. The Recorder menu-bar menu has a greyed-out item "Format Blu-ray disk for dynamic writing...". I'm not sure whether that answers Tsantee's questions for my setup. Is this Pro or not?
  3. I hadn't installed 11.2 (I'd downloaded it and then not installed!?) and when I ran 11.1 to check whether I still had BR support, it offered to update to 11.2 for me, so it looks like 11.2 has been put into the Toast updates system now. I've now updated to 11.2 and I still have the BR option available in the Video pane. I don't have any "HD" overlay on my Toast app icon, either. What I lack is a BR burner to actually test it on.
  4. Toast is probably right. Commercial DVDs are typically CSS copy protected.
  5. But they can't even get it right on the download page, which says that the download is "Toast v11.1 (1067)", even though the file available for download there is Toast v11.2 (3175). and:
  6. prl

    Is Toast 11 Os X Mavericks Compatible?

    I did a three-disk spanned Data/Mac & PC on Friday. The first time it ran, it didn't complete. It got stuck 30% into Writing Leadout on the second disk. However, I think it was probably because my Mac went to sleep at that point. When it woke from the sleep, it remained stuck at 30% through Writing Leadout. Clicking on Cancel had no effect. Cmd-Q and Toast>Quit had no effect. However, Dock>Toast>Quit got Toast to exit. However, when I rebooted to make sure I got a clean run of Toast again, the shutdown hung on the blank screen just after the spinning "I'm tidying up for shutdown" icon went away, with the internal DVD drive still spinning flat out. I had to press-and-hold Power to get the Mac to complete the shutdown. When I rebooted and disabled SleepWhenIdle, the spanned Data worked just fine. Isn't there now an ItMayLookLikeTheMacIsIdleButItsNot call that applications can make periodically to stop this sort of thing happening? Doesn't Toast use it? MaxBook Pro 2.26GHz, OS X 10.9, Toast Titanium Pro 11.1
  7. There are already a number of topics about Toast 11 and Mavericks already open. You might like to start with Is Toast 11 Os X Mavericks Compatible?
  8. prl

    Unix Hard Links & Toast

    Toast can only support hard links if the file system on the target (whether a physical optical disk or an image file) supports hard links. HFS+ on OS X appears to support hard links, but I don't know what the mechanism is. It's possible that burning the disk from a HFS+ folder using Mac Only might work. I'm not sure about other modes. Experimentation might be the only way to be sure. Create a folder with a large file in it, create a hard link to the file in the same folder, set up the burn and see whether the amount of data is equal to the file size (hard links work or can be simulated), or double the data size (hard links don't work, but are worked around by creating two copies of the file).
  9. prl

    Bought Toast Pro. Where Is Sonic Fire?

    A Google search for Toast_11_Pro_1100_669.dmg turned up lots of places where it can be downloaded from.
  10. prl

    Bought Toast Pro. Where Is Sonic Fire?

    My original Toast 11 Mac download, Toast_11_Pro_1100_669.dmg, has a Sonicfire Pro 5 Installer (amongst others). The upgrade I downloaded for Toast 11.1, Toast_11_Titanium_11.1(1067).dmg, has only a Toast installer and nothing else.
  11. I was able to authorise my SoundSoap today (30 Mar).
  12. prl

    Soundsoap For Toast Cant Authorize

    I'd forgotten about that one. Authorised now.
  13. prl

    Soundsoap For Toast Cant Authorize

    It does seem to be running. It's telling me "The authorization was not successful. Invalid serial number", even though I've copy/pasted the serial number from my order confirmation email.
  14. I tried to use the Alternate Authorisation... method, and when I double-clicked on the generated HTML file, I got sent to http://www.bias-inc.com/activate/, which, as David said, is a dead domain registration apparently being squatted on by Network Solutions I'm not hopeful of the bits inside my Sound Soap application ever being able to work the way they were paid for. I've just gone through and tried to install all the other "extras" I got with Toast 11 Pro in case their authorisation crashes and burns sometime. Photoshop Elements, Sonicfire and the Toast HD/BD plugin all installed and authorised. I discovered I was never give an authorisation key for FotoMagico (I had assumed I didn't need one). And, of course, the current Sound Soap fiasco. [eta] Sound Soap is still being advertised as being supplied as part of Toast 11 Pro.