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    Just an update after several Failed attempts I managed to re-install windows able to save some of my documents some of my documents to a secondry disc but for some reason unknown the computer was very slow & I then decided to wipe the disc & did a complete new install. However I feel that the EMC 8 programme caused this and should not have been on the market created one big headache
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    Thx for your attention, I have searched around many sites for the solution each time it seems that the assumption is that one is able to select the choice of staring with a key board that is not frozen and that the 2 dvd players that I have installed would operate. My feeling is at this point is that the prime disc is more than sick.
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    I am the worlds worst what I have is Easy media creator suite 8 creative blaster audigy sound card Error message was programme had not completed and to try again some time later or words to that effect, that was after the roll back, the second attemptthcomputer just froze no messages As I unable to start windows I am unable or without knowledge to use or run ckdsk. If I decide to re-install windows how is this done I have put my windows disc into the removable player/burner with no result
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    creator stopped operating would not repair nero also went awry niether would repair.so i went to add and remove took both systems off re-installed nero 7 every thing seemed fine then I rein stalled creator 10,the sytem loaded to around 99% then a rollback occurred stating that the programme had not completed and to try again some time later this I did to-day installed cd the programme hung almost immediatly as did the computor every thing froze key board or mouse would resolve problem so after ashort time of cursing I switched off at the mains switch. Now the computer will not boot up it states that the usual ie computer shows option to go to safe mode start windows normally etc, however the key board up & down arrows do not operatef keys seem to operate but as I have no idea how to resolve this I am Hoping for some help. Windows exp home