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  1. joca

    convert DVD to video for edit

    Thank you Brandon that's great. I will try this later today. It is right I did not save the raw file it was awhile ago when I was making vid/dvd for our local variety group and other local stuff so when done I disposed of the files. I will post how I got on thanks again Johnnie
  2. After a period of not using my PC or Roxio due to not having any projects and house rebuild I need to convert a homemade DVD back to video for editing in videowave due to a bereavement. Please how do I do this using Roxio NXT 5 then I will be able to get it back to a DVD
  3. can I join two DMSM edited parts in videowave if so how please Johnnie
  4. joca

    Large File problem

    Hi Brendon, thank you I have never used the Make DVD process but will try and see if I can do it. Regards Johnnie
  5. joca

    Large File problem

    Yes they can play DL disk and have done for several years but always 6 or 7GB and I never had a problem getting them onto a disk. I will try what you suggest and thank you for your reply.Talking about bitrate now you are getting me into a whole new game I don't have a clue about bitrates. Johnnie
  6. joca

    Large File problem

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I have thought about splitting the file. But surely 10.5 would compress to 8.5gb but how do I do it. A DL disk is 8.5 gb my problem is that in copy and convert I cannot get this 144 minute file above 4.20 GB. I am hoping that 10.5 Gb on a DL disk is better than compressed down to 4.20 Gb because the quality is awful
  7. joca

    Large File problem

    Thank you Brendon
  8. joca

    Large File problem

    Hi Brendon thank you once again for your help. I understand that 10.5 GB wont fit onto a DL disk but my problem is :- When in copy and convert whether I go with File/folder or ISO the result is the same. Although my movie is 10.5 GB in size the result of the file or ISO is that it comes out at 4.20 GB to fit a single layer disk. I need it to be larger I.E. DL size but it seems that the default in copy and convert seems to be a single layer disk and I cannot find any settings that will do otherwise. How can I get this movie to fit on a DL disk because on a 4.3 size disk the quality is only good for the rubbish bin Regards Johnnie
  9. joca

    Large File problem

    Thank you Brendon. My rendered AVC H264 file is 10.5 gig and I have DL disks. When I make file folder or ISO in copy & convert the result is 4.20 GB. Please how do I get a ISO 10.5 so that I can burn it onto a DL disk
  10. joca

    Large File problem

    Thank you Brendon for your response. Video & convert? I export this 2hour 24 min 10.5 gig file to AVC H264 and then use video & convert to create a ISO file or Video TS ( I dont know any other way) to then burn to a disk. I will admit to feeling in the dark a bit but I dont do this very often. The video is of a local variety club show and they are not normally this long. Quote (What are you planning to give them, a video file simply stored on a DVD, or a proper Video DVD?) I am planning on giving them a DVD to watch and enjoy what one of them I wouldnt know the difference. Sorry Im a bit vague but clearly you can see I dont know a lot. Thanks for your help Johnnie
  11. joca

    Large File problem

    I have a rendered AVC H264 file that is 10.5 GB how is this likely to be quality wise on a DL disk. I would appreciate any ideas please. This has to go around about 20 people I have thought of Blue Ray but I think there are some that cannot play a BD disk. Any ideas would be very welcome. Would this file auto convert in copy & convert or would it want to compress the file Regards Johnnie
  12. joca

    Joining Videos

    Thank you Jim for taking the trouble to answer my question. Your work through is very helpful.
  13. joca

    Joining Videos

    For the last six months I have been filming a restoration project. I have so much film that I could probably fill about ten dvd's. I make about three normal dvd's a year. I am going to have to edit all this in videowave in suitable sized files then render them and right now I don't know how much footage I will put in each because I have not finished filming. You may find it all basic but for me if I knew the answer I wouldn't ask the question in the first place. I take it reading between the lines the answer is yes so I'll have a go. Oh! BTW I don't drink
  14. joca

    Joining Videos

    Is it possible to join or make one video or dvd using two rendered separate mpeg 2 files in copy and convert or other Roxio app
  15. joca


    went to render via software and problem sorted all ok video now runs smoothly