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    Uhmmmm where is it? I haven't installed any of the Pro Content, but WinZip is not listed as one of the installs. The others use too much disc space and I don't really need them just yet.. BUT, I'd be willing to install one of the 3 extras if I knew which one had WinZip. Any ideas ?
  2. jltnol

    Spin Doctor 1.0.1

    So I just bought Toast 11, including Spin Doctor 1.0.1, the latest version. It doesn't work... at all. Can't move the volume control regardless of a digital or analog input selected, including Line In from the computer. Does this app work for anyone anymore ?
  3. jltnol

    Toast Video Player

    So I have some .m2ts files and Toast Video Player plays some of them back correctly, some play at like 2x or even 4x play speed, with seemingly no way to slow them down. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a solution? Thanks in advance.
  4. jltnol

    Bd-R Write Error With Lg Int Burner

    Percy Just curious as to where you found the firmware file... I've been looking for one and haven't been successful. I've got Windows 7 running in a VM, so I'm hoping I can update it that way, but finding the file seems to be the challenge... Thanks in advance.