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  1. R. J. Barnes

    NXT6pro--My DVD won't load, crashes

    thank you. I will look at that, since I've had a suspicion about that. I noticed an empty nxt5 folder. I'll delete those folders/files. I also am printing your reference "read this". Much thanks. If this works, you'll be on my Xmas card list. I'm a CPA and making movies and songs for audio and making still photos seem like motion is a lot of fun. I get a chance to edit, etc. like the old days with Super-8. I'll try it your suggestions this weekend and let you know how it works. THANKS AGAIN
  2. I bought the DVD NXT 6 pro last November. I just installed the program 2 weeks ago, and updated it. Tech told me too uninstall & reinstall--no change. I maintain there is something wrong with the disc and there is no download to install to try. This is the error code: (from SnagIt) ERROR #1 An unknown error has occurred. The application will shut down now. Exception: Could net find a part of the path 'C:\Prcgram Files (x86)\Rcxic MyDVD\Ccntent\DVD\16x9\Themes'. The path above doesn't exist: There is NO "content" directory/path under Roxiomydvd. I've attached a picture of this folder "roxiomydvd" and you can see, the sub-directorires. then the folowihng error shows up: ERROR #2 (From windows 8,1) MyDVDApp has stopped working A problem caused the program to step working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. I went to my old disc and tried to add "content" /- install--that didn't work. I'm waiting and waiting for tech support. My many decades with PC's doesn't help with diagnosing this. If you can solve my problem, I will pout you on my Xmas card list. [perhaps I should have been a plumber, not a CPA with a PC and an MBA]
  3. I am having trouble trimming the last couple seconds off a video. I follow the "ttriming" help, but the green vertical lilne carries the blue play lline and thus I delete everything. How can I separate the blue and green vertical lines in video trimming?