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    Playing A Burned Dvd

    Creaated slideshow project in Roxio MYDVD and burned to DVD+RW but when playing back on desktop (where I created the slideshow project) and on my laptop, error message popped up 'missing files'. I had to locate each individual 'file' or photo on my computer as well as laptop before it would play back. How can I get around this hassle???
  2. saywhat

    Playing A Burned Dvd

    Created a project (slideshow with photos) in MYDVD (Roxio) ; then burned to a DVD-R but stand-alone will not recognize it. Also burned this project to a DVD+RW and it would not play back in stand-alone player either. My stand-alone (Sylvania DVD player) manual says it will play DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+RW. HELP!