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    Unkown Capture Error

    Just an update for you guys, After freshly installing Vista on my MacBook Pro and downloading all of the Vista and BootCamp Updates, when I go to connect the device via USB to my MacBook, i get 3 beeps signifing that the device is not being recognized. I plugged in my wireless mouse and that was recognized just fine so I know that its not my USB ports. I am probably gonna end up just sending this back and getting my money back unless somebody has any advice for me. I am extremely frustrated and have tried everything I can think of. Sorry about my little rant there. I appreciate any and all suggestions you guys could provide for me
  2. HolyCrapItsAdam

    Unkown Capture Error

    Hi everybody I appreciate the responses. Just so everybody knows, I am running on a bootcamp of vista installed on my Macbook Pro. My computer stats exceed the minimum requirements however I have suspected that the drivers for the software did not install correctly and so I had deleted my bootcamp and installed a fresh version of Windows Vista Home Premium. I will not be able to check for a couple days as im away from the house but I will let you know once I get home and reinstall the software and if the problems still exist or not. Also, I was running IE9 and since rebooting Vista have reverted back to IE8 in an attempt to remedy this issue and I don't have antivirus software installed so that shouldn't be an issue @tbrewst, you asked if I could capture for those 30 seconds or if it didn't record at all and it didn't record at all.
  3. HolyCrapItsAdam

    Unkown Capture Error

    Okay so I just got my Roxio Game Capture and I hooked everything up as instructed but when I go to capture my game footage, I get a message after about 30 seconds saying "unknown capture error" does anybody know how to fix this issue?