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    "writing Lead In" Problem

    Thanks much..I will try that and let you know. I appreciate your help. Thanks.
  2. jbrazjr

    "writing Lead In" Problem

    tsantee, I have attempted to make a disc of You Tube videos using Wondershare You Tube Downloader. It goes through encoding fine, Toast 10 even tells me I have NTSC and Pal formats mixed and gives me an option to select "Convert" to NTSC . Even if the files don't need converting (they are all NTSC), it does the encoding BUT when it gets to" Writing Lead In" and shows 10 seconds,28 seconds or whatever the time is...it NEVER finishes this step-even if I leave it overnight. I end up having to abort and get a coaster disc. Can you or anyone else help ? It seems I'm close but yet so far away.Thanks much
  3. jbrazjr

    Difficulty Burning Blu Ray On Lacie D2 301856U (8X)

    tsantee, thanks for everything. I still can't get it to not multiplex and not encode for some reason except when I am making a copy of a Blu Ray disc that I already have and also was able to do a DVD+RDL to multiplex. Unfortunately, in experimenting I ended up with 2 discs with hardly anything on them because I thought I could stop BEFORE the percentage left 0%. There is something not right and I can't figure what it is. You have been SUPER. I'll keep at it. Thanks.
  4. jbrazjr

    Difficulty Burning Blu Ray On Lacie D2 301856U (8X)

    Thanks for the help. What should the bit rate be under Custom with Never selected for encoding. It is like 20 ...should I keep going down ? Again, Thanks.
  5. jbrazjr

    Difficulty Burning Blu Ray On Lacie D2 301856U (8X)

    tsantee-Great info ! Thanks so much ! I have both Directv(no Firewire) and Charter cable. I'm paying a small fortune for both. What all can you record with Apple Tv or WD TV Live Plus? The great majority of my recording would be College Football from TV and D-VHS. Right now I am trying to do a Blu Ray recording under Video/Blu Ray. This is the info being shown: Video: H.264/AVC,1280X 720,59.94 fps Audio: MPEG -4 Audio,Stereo 48000Hz Encoding: Automatic-Best Aspect Ratio:Automatic Audio Format: Dolby Digital 192 kps In 10 mins., Encoding still shows 0%. I have the option to use Custom instead of Automatic but am not sure of what settings to use. A couple of questions...how do you do several things on a disc....in other words record a game and AFTER that come back and add other material to fill up the Blu Ray disc. Can you do a track at a time? BTW, it's now been 20 minutes and encoding still at 0%. Thanks again.
  6. jbrazjr

    Difficulty Burning Blu Ray On Lacie D2 301856U (8X)

    tsantee-Thanks so much for the response. You are correct.I did manage to burn a Blu Ray disc (18.54 GB) by copying an Image File. It did this in about 35 minutes. I have an iMac 2.93 Ghz dual core unit with 4 gig of memory(will take 8). I have now managed to copy a game on one DVD-R DL...like 8.7 GB. It was done under Blu Ray in the Video window using DVD-DL. (Was like 20 GB if on BD-R but I was afraid of getting a bad burn so I burned to DVD-DL. I have the BCS NC game I downloaded on I-Tunes. I would love to make a copy of this in Blu Ray but it won;t let me. I would gladly buy a retail BD version of this game but it doesn't exist. ( I did pay to have an AVCHD disc made before I got the LaCie BD burner but was disappointed because it didn't look "live" for some reason). Also wouldn't play on my older LG 370 Blu Ray player.Most of what I want to record are MPEG 4 although there are a couple of MPEG 2's. As an aside,I would love to buy a TV Tuner for my iMac and copy Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, etc. in Blu Ray. I have seen Elegato Hybrid(I think) talked about. What would you recommend. Also, I have been recording High Def to D-VHS for about 4 years(using Firewire). My LaCie and my iMac both have Firewire ports...I would like to take these HD tapes to Blu Ray. I downloaded some Firewire 26 program but don't know if that's the way to go. Lastly, I have tried to copy the SEC Championship game which I downloaded off SEC Digital Network. It is in h264 and I have tried using Video and Blu Ray and it switches to Encoding and would take like 3 days if it ever actually finished. Same for other stuff under Blu Ray in Video. Thanks for all the help. I realize I'm asking a lot but any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hello everyone ! Newbie here. Forgive my lack of knowledge. I bought a LaCie Blu Ray Burner for my 24" iMac. It came with Toast 9. I have Toast 10 which was installed when I bought the computer. It shows a BD/HD key but I am wondering if the plug-in is actually installed. I reinstalled Toast 10 (with BD plug-in)...put in key info for both. I now have a Toast 10 icon and a Toast 10 Plug-in (HD with up arrow on it). I also have 3 Toast 10 icons on my desk top. When I click on Toast 10 in the Applications or icon in dock ..it keeps saying Toast 10 is not in the Applications folder(but it is) and asking me to drag Toast 10 to the applications folder. I have done this 3-4 times, opened it -then says there is an update available (10.0.8-413 bytes). Vicious circle. So far, I have only completed a DVD-R (DL)...even though it was Blu ray quality when I took it to DVD-DL,it ended up being 480i . And I was able to copy an existing Blu Ray disc( 2 hrs, 25 mins. 1280 X 720) When I attempt to use"Blu Ray" the encoding will literally take DAYS. If I use "Custom" and set it to NEVER encode that would take maybe 24 hrs. or so. If it's auto, It would be FOREVER (19% for 12 hours). All I want to do is copy a MPEG4 to Blu ray.I've tried MPEG2 and MPEG 4 copy. I've tried 8-10 on MPEG 2 and 20-26 on MPEG 4. Can you offer any help ? Lastly, I would like to record Youtube after game videos behind Blu Ray game. I have downloaded Wonderland Free Tube and Mpeg Stream clip converter that I am trying to use on the Youtube but no success. I have much software.....Final Cut Express & Pro,Adobe Encore CS4, I works 9, IDVD and image Capture to name a few...unfortunately I don't know anything about any of them. Forgive the length and thanks to tsantee for replying. I have listed this as a topic as recommended. Thanks much. Jim