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  1. Cauptain

    No Source?

    Hi Anthony BUll, Stopped in RGC capture software or any capture software? Sometimes, roxio services is disabled for Windows. Check it in services (RUN, type: services.msc, ENTER. The services windows is appear. Try and reply. Claudio
  2. Hi Thafrayer, Is necessary config the first time your card capture. After config in PRESET TAB, click SAVE and close AmarecTV. In next open its will open default RGC device. Claudio
  3. Cauptain

    No Source?

    No RGC input...Do you try USB cable? Change USB port ? Tested in other PC? Because if detected in your PC you can FORCE install driver via INF. Reply, Claudio
  4. Cauptain

    Can This Work On Other Systems?

    Correct. PS2, GAMECUBE, PSP and WII will work with RGC. Claudio
  5. Cauptain

    Capture Crash

    Hi BLACK2ICE, I use this method. Buy 2 RCA splitter like this: A "Y" RCA + JP2 cable like this: And a normal RCA cable AUDIO like this: Connect COMPONENT audio plugs in every splitter and plug one to Y cable and other to TV. After this connect JP2 cable on ONBOARD audio card. You will get PERFECT sound to record with any program. Its my solution to avoid any SOUND problem with RGC, included your problem. Claudio
  6. Cauptain

    Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    Hi jrthesuperstar83, The best freeware VOB2AVI is AVI DEMUX . Its a very simple software but very good solution to any video. Learning curve is very easy. Try it. Claudio
  7. Hi Thafrayer , Sorry for my absence. I was sick. Strange but no problem. You can try other method to view and capture using RGC? Give it a try: Cauptain - Another Way to Capture using RGC Hardware!!! You will test if RGC is working properly. Send me a print of the programs installed on your PC. Claudio
  8. Cauptain


    I use AVI or MP4 with X264 video codec + AAC audio codec. Claudio
  9. Cauptain

    Usb Turns Off Video

    Hi Dmgamerbadk, Try unistall drivers, reboot and reinstall. Try with other method to view and record too: Cauptain - Another Way to Capture using RGC Claudio
  10. Cauptain

    Capture Crash

    Hi BLACK2ICe, get a refund or new unit?? Claudio
  11. Cauptain

    No Source?

    Any news about your problem Roxio Ross?? Post a device manager screenshot (RGC plugged only) Claudio
  12. Cauptain

    Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    Oscar23, audio part is a VERY BIG PROBLEM on RGC. Actually I use my Sound Card to input audio. NO FIX at moment. Hello Oscar23 For crop and resize, use VIRTUALDUB. Claudio
  13. Cauptain

    Capture Preview

    Hi dthompson2692, Only using VIRTUALDUB you can set PREVIEW OFF to skip drop frames. Look in this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlBrRpKzIyg Claudio
  14. Hi Mattmatt, No way to this. RGC record at max in NTSC = 864x480 and PAL=1024x576. For get 720p, you need resize via software. Claudio