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    Stuck At 99%

    Roxio Mac Guy, Let us know if you want us to test anything or send you more information so we can get this fixed asap. thanks, Randy
  2. randols

    Stuck At 99%

    I am still having same problem saving HD, hanging at 99%, even with 11.0.2 Randy
  3. randols

    Stuck At 99%

    Vous avez le même problème de tous les autres. Nous attendons pour un repons de Roxio. Randy
  4. randols

    Stuck At 99%

    Glad to see I am not alone in going crazy with Toast 11 not working. Do we have any sign that Roxio is aware of this problem? Any eta on a fix? Do they monitor the forum? Randy
  5. randols

    Stuck At 99%

    I have 11.0.1. The "About Toast" tab does not work in the menu. Must be something wrong. Randy
  6. randols

    Stuck At 99%

    Having exact same problem. Stuck at 99% for hours now. Second time. Is there a fix? What else is this program for if not to burn dvds? I just bought it this week. Driving me nuts. Randy