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    Recording Times

    Actually that's not my problem at all... they can't write a DVD at 16x. I always burn my DVD's at 4x so that's not a problem. My issue is that normally DVD's at 4x takes 14 minutes, but toast shows 1:45 and each second changes every xx seconds. It burns correctly but the time remaining is completely messed up. Cheers!
  2. FOX-HOUND Zero

    Recording Times

    Hi guys!! I'm new to the forum so i hope we get along I need to know why in the new Toast 11 (which i like the new UI) i've got wrong recording times??. For the first release (11.0) i thought it was a bug that it will be rapidly fixed but it didn't. This happens (at least for me) a 100% of the time. If i burn a movie (4,5gb) at 4x, as usuall, it would take at least 13 minutes, but for me, it takes the 13 or maybe 14 minutes but Toast shows that it will take 2:30 minutes... It's the most lame bug, but it is anonnying!. Any fix for that?? Thanks guys! PS: sorry for my bad english