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    Quality Of Output To Dvd

    I created a VideoWave production and output it to my USB keys in DV format AVI, DixX best quality, and MPEG2 best quality to view on TV before burning to DVD. The quality of the output on USB is excellent with all the sharpness of high resolution JPEG images even with pan & zoom. However, when I output any of three formats above to DVD, the quality of the photos and transitions on TV are noticably poorer. I have tried numerous options with no success. How do I get my USB quality on DVD? Is it possible?
  2. I have noticed that Slideshow is trimming landscape and portrait photos as part of the production process. Black borders on portrait photos is NOT my issue. The problem is that part of the photos are being lost (i.e. at the edges. This happens even for borderless templates / transitions. My photos are jpeg and 3456x2304 landscape and 2304x3456 portrait. I have lots of slideshows to create and if possible I want to avoid a solution involving editing of photos in VideoWave. Anyone come across this problem or have any ideas on a solution