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  1. Hi all, When I insert a data disc the icon has a closed padlock on it. The title of the disc is shown but I cannot get the disc to run. On Windows 7 Pro with Roxio NXT Pro. Any reason why the padlock is there, please and how do I get rid of it.? Ken
  2. Hi Again, While I was waiting for a reply I uninstalled and then reinstalled it (same sort of thing but more longwinded!). Now working!!! Many thanks for your help. Ken
  3. Hi, Thanks for that. The only 2 applications running at the time are: Roxio Creator 2012 Pro Roxio Music Disc Creator i.e the 2 you would expect to see. Ken
  4. Hi, Have just created a project in Music Disc Creator (Mp3s) but when I try to burn it to CD I get a message telling me that both my CD rom drives are "reserved by another application". There are (as far as I know) no other applications running (2012 is the only one open) that would be using the drives. Windows Media Player does, quite happily, burn the original (pre-project) files and then plays them perfectly. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening and, more importantly, how to get over it, please? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  5. camelot39

    Trying To Use Label Creator After Painshoppro9

    Hi Jim, I, possibly, think I may have solved the problem by accident! Thought I'd try uninstalling PSP9 and installing PSP X4 to see if that solved the problem. I hadn't been able to install it before as it kept saying the file was corrupt or illegally modified(?) and this time was no different so I got rid of it and reinstalled PSP 9. This is where you might feel like strangling me! When reloading I noticed a third patch to update PSP9 to 9.01.1 that I may not have run when I tried previouslt to install X4. This time I ran it and now (fingers crossed!) they both seem to be working OK. Thanks very much for your help and sorry for the trouble I put you to. Ken
  6. camelot39

    Trying To Use Label Creator After Painshoppro9

    Hi Sknis, Thanks for that. With the exception of the current problems, all other programs are operating OK so I don't think the registry cleaner is the problem Could be wrong though so will bear it in mind. Ken
  7. camelot39

    Trying To Use Label Creator After Painshoppro9

    Hi Jim, Thanks for the reply. It's very strange. All drivers are, apparently up to date and I have repaired both Creator and PaintShop without solving the problem. I had a similar problem with Creator11 that seemed to have been cleared after instructions from support but then reappeared. Decided to upgrade to try and solve the problem. Label Creator under Creator9 used to run perfectly i.e replacing an image was instantaneous every time. The only thing I have noticed, which seems a bit strange to me, is that Label Creator is not loaded directly into Program Files (where, as a program, I would have expected it to be) but under Program Files/Common Files/Roxio Shared/13.0. I have also found that if I fix the shortcut, under Advanced System Care, then Label Creator will then run without needing a restart. I might try knocking Creator12 out and re-installing (again!). Do you know if the 3 files (Creator2012, Content & Installer) need to be installed in any particular order, as I installed them in the order they downloaded i.e 2012 then Content then Installer. Again, thanks for the reply Ken.
  8. Hi, I have just installed Creator12 and am having a problem with Label Creator appearing to be affected by PaintShopPro and vice versa. Simply, if I run one and then try to start the other, the new one doesn't open. A bit of a problem when printing DVD covers. The only solution is a system restart which enables me to open one of them. Basic system is: Windows XP Pro 4GB memory 80GB harddrive 400GB external drive
  9. Hi sknis, Thanks for that. As I said, not to bothered having both and as they won't interfere with one another I'll leave as is. OS is XP professional. Soluto sounds like it might be worth a look. Ken
  10. Hi All, This has probably been asked (and answered!) before but I've searched and can't find. Should I have uninstalled EMC 9 before installing Creator 2011? What are the consequences if I uninstall it now, as I guess that there may be files which are common to both programs? I don't really have a problem with both being on the computer although they both appear to be running a little slowly. Ken