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  1. You guys are the best! That seems to be exactly what I needed! Kathy
  2. Okay, so now my stupidity is REALLY showing. I see the place on my camcorder where that would go (it's labeled DV). Does the other end go into a USB on the computer? And is this a cable I might have somewhere or something I should go out and buy? Once I use that, will I get the .avi option? Thank you so much for your help... OH, I see the place on the back of the computer that matches your diagram. Now I KNOW I've never used that. Is that something I can get at Best Buy? Or do I need to go to the Sony store? Kathy
  3. It's a Sony Handycam Digital 8. It's the same camera I was using with EMC 8. But in the drop down menu now with 9, it's not giving me an .avi option. I'm supposed to look under capture settings, right? It only lists DVD HQ, DVD LP, DVD SP, or VCD. Am I forgetting something?
  4. I just upgraded from EMC 8 to EMC 9. I'd had 8 for about a year and had a lot of success. When I imported video from my Sony camcorder, the files were imported as .avi files (if I recall, that was the solution to my audio synching problems). But now in EMC 9, I can't see (or remember) how to set the capture as an .avi instead of an .mpg. Can someone PLEASE step me through the process? Thanks so much! Kathy
  5. Does anyone know if EMC9 has fixed the "blue screen of death" issue from EMC8? I tried all the fixes recommended in 8 updated driver, updated directX, etc.) and although it worked for a while, I am now getting the error after the 3rd movie in myDVD again... Kathy
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    When I tried to call this morning for the update (thought I'd give it a try, even though the offer was rescinded yesterday) I spoke to Ryan (who many have raved about), who told me to relax and sit tight for a couple months...Was rather elusive but definitely hinted at something right around the corner...
  7. kagsef

    Can't anyone help me?

    Everyone -- Thank you! I had success!! I took my same raw captured video, edited it in Videowave, sent it to MyDVD. From there I chose my main menu. Once in my main menu, I right clicked actually on the button and chose edit chapters from there. Then when I edited the chapters, it created the submenu, which all worked! I realized that choosing "edit chapters" at some times (not sure I can recall where or when now), it did NOT come up with the "update menu" box at all, checked or unchecked. So between the editing in Videowave and the figuring out where to create the chapters, it seems to have worked just fine. I did save it as an iso on my hard drive, although I also burned it straight from MyDVD. Is there a benefit to burning it from the iso instead? And now that that's taken care of, do I even want to get into the out-of-sync audio? Kathy
  8. kagsef

    Can't anyone help me?

    Okay, so I edited my captured video in videowave, put in my transitions and text effects, etc. It's about 45 minutes long. I didn't see a way to make chapters in videowave...Did I miss something? So then I sent it to mydvd, where I chose a menu and then went to edit chapters, selected six locations for chapters. They are all there on the right in edit chapters. But somehow they never make it to my menu, and nothing on the main menu shows the chapters. There is one big button on the main menu, and I can animate a preview, but if I click inside the button, it doesn't take me anywhere. If I click on the words to the right of the button, it takes me to my main movie (I think), but at the very beginning. If I add a sub-menu, it's like a first menu all over again. I am not getting the chapter menus. Does this make sense? How can I get the chapter menus, and how can I get those buttons to link to my actual chapters? Why do I feel like a moron here? HELP! Kathy
  9. kagsef

    Can't anyone help me?

    Thanks for responding, Frank. I have EMC 8 Suite. I did a video capture from my Sony digital handycam. The video imported fine. I was working in MyDVD, not videowave, and have tried almost every menu option available. My test iso file didn't seem to work, but I may not have done that correctly...I'll retry. I will also try using videowave instead of mydvd and let you know what happens! Thanks again, Kathy
  10. kagsef

    Can't anyone help me?

    Sorry -- I wrote from work today and didn't have my computer specs with me. I have an HP Pavilion, running XP MCE. Version 2002 SP 2 MD Athlon 64 x 2 dual 4200 processor 2.19 GHz 1.93 GB RAM HP DVD writer 640 b ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series and the newest update for DirectX Am I forgetting anything? I did not try the .iso idea. I will try it tonight and let you know if that works. THANK YOU for replying!! Kathy
  11. kagsef

    Can't anyone help me?

    I put in a request for help a few days ago, and am really disappointed at the lack of response. (Only 1!) Is it typical for posts to go unanswered? It seems like this is such a helpful site! I have searched the database, searched askRoxann, tried to do LiveChat but can never get through. I hate the thought of spending $35 to get some answers and was SO impressed with this discussion forum (Nero doesn't offer something like this). So can I repeat? My menus don't work. At all. In EMC MyDVD, they seem to work, but the chapter buttons don't link to the chapters (although the thumbnails do); they go back each time to the beginning of the movie. Also, burned DVDs don't play at all on anything. The set-tops claim there are no menus or title lists. I have read the manual cover to cover. I have poured over the support pages. I am new to Roxio, though I made about 30 DVDs on Nero so am not completely new to the concept. Can't someone out there help me?
  12. kagsef

    My menus are not working!

    Well, I only imported the movie once, worked on it, created chapters. Each button on the menu looks like the beginning of each chapter. But when I double click it to go into the chapter, or when I click on the link from the menu list on the left, it goes back to the beginning of the entire movie. Am I doing something I shouldn't be or not doing a step I should be? What am I missing? Kathy I have an ATI Radeon 200 video card (?) and have updated the latest DirectX I am a bit disappointed no one has any suggestions; this forum seems so helpful!
  13. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong, I just can't figure out what it is! I recently switched from Nero to Roxio (SO many burning problems with Nero!!) My first two DVDs on EMC8 (Suite) worked fine. Now nothing does. I imported video from my camera, edited in my DVD, made six chapters, added a standard menu with buttons for six chapters. The first couple I burned all seemed to burn all right, but on any player will not load, with a message no title list or menu found. Now I see that when I am in preview, my buttons, although they show the correct place in my movie, do not link to the chapter; they all just link to the beginning of the movie. Is there something basic I'm missing here? I checked for updates and seem to have the most current version. Please help!!! I have an HP Pavilion running windows xp media AMD Athlon 64 x 2 dual core processor (4200)\ 2.19 GHz 1.93 GB RAM an HP DVD writer 840b