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    Spin Doctor - What Is Going On?

    Thanks for your help. It is much appreciated. I don't see why I should have to mess around like this with plug ins. That's not what I paid for. I will carry on using my version of Spin Doctor included with Toast 8. As you say, Roxio should fix this - and soon.
  2. jazzjet

    Web Video

    In the Convert function, I've tried to convert web video. You Tube seems to work OK but, so far, I haven't managed to get Vimeo clips to convert in the same way. Is Vimeo supported for conversion? If so, is there a different method than for You Tube?
  3. jazzjet

    Spin Doctor - What Is Going On?

    I was looking forward to trying out the new Spin Doctor in Toast 11. But what on earth has happened? I don't mind the slick interface but very little else seems to work. I have tried to record a vinyl LP using the USB Audio Codec setting. The sound plays through the speakers OK and the record button look as though it functions. However, when the recording finishes, I click on the stop button and then on Done. The result - nothing! The latest time Spin Doctor just quit. No screen with track information etc as in previous versions. It just takes me back to the opening screen. And I've no idea whether the recording exists on my hard disc or, indeed, where it is. This is after I've downloaded the latest update by the way. Still no Help file - why not? I'm running 10.6.7 on an iMac. I have used CD Spin Doctor included with Toast 8 with some success and this latest version is a major disappointment. Can someone take note of this and fix it please?