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    1080P60 Vids And 11 Pro

    Looking to burn AVCHD disks of videos from my Panasonic HDC-TM900 that outputs 1080p60. I've tried some other AVCHD burning apps (MacOSX), but the test burns never worked on my Samsung BD-1600. I know that 1080p60 is not within the AVCHD spec, and I do not really want AVCHD disks that won't play. My question is what does Toast do about these kind of files? Can I expect Toast to correctly pulldown the files to fit in the spec, or am I going to have to do that myself? Will the enbedded video player even play it? The Panny file wrapper is standard MTS with MP4/AC3 video inside, so VLC, Movist, and Handbrake do fine. So, if I had to, I could convert to a high-rate MP4 and import, or I could take the time to have the camera itself try the pulldown. I was just looking to see if any users here have tried the combo and allow me to take one step out of the workflow. And for those who wonder why I'm shooting 60p and not 60i that the other modes on the camera use - well, my HDTV plays the 60p files beautifully (spectacular for sports as a matter of fact) and I plan on having this camera around long enough that the specs and standards will catch up with me --MDG