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    Input/output Error Message

    Hi All, I just got Toast 11 for my Mac. When trying to load it from the disk I get this error message: The following disk image couldn't be opened Input/Output error. How the heck do I fix this?!?!
  2. Fenian Bastard

    Vhs To Dvd For Mac - No Audio

    I don't have a USB hub. Original unit defective cables? Where would I buy something like that?
  3. Fenian Bastard

    Frustrated and angry with Roxio customer support!

    I've had them respond. But the "help" they've given me is lame and hasn't solved my problem. Grrrr....!!!! I agree with you!!!
  4. Fenian Bastard

    Vhs To Dvd For Mac - No Audio

    Hi Guruji, I tried to not plug in the device until I've launched the application like you said. Didn't work, I'm sorry to say. I'm kinda new to this message board thing. Let alone new to Mac. I did try to search for other posts dealing with my problem. I guess maybe I need to narrow my parameters(?) Thanks! Tim P.S. I just tried to go into Audio Midi Setup like you suggested to somebody else. Maybe because I'm new to Mac I didn't have any idea how to change the settings.
  5. Fenian Bastard

    Vhs To Dvd For Mac - No Audio

    Hi All, I'm getting video. But NO audio. I've reinstalled the program. I've updated the program. I have good RCA cables from my VHS. Have tried other RCA cables. I've tried every combination I can think of in the Sound part of System Preferences. And still...NO AUDIO!!! HELP!!! Slainte! Tim fenian_b@live.com