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    No Audio When Imported To Sony Vegas?

    I use PowerDirector for video editing and I occasionally have some issues with the audio missing or out of sync with captured files. They do work fine in Videowave or a media player though. Probably a codec issue. For the moment I am importing them into Videowave as an entire file, trimming the video to what I want, exporting them to MP4 and then editing in PowerDirector.
  2. Emuholic

    Xsplit And Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro

    I have been doing some tests regarding the live stream pausing every few seconds. I somehow fixed it by changing all the following settings: - Video capture resolution - 480P - Video capture bitrate - Change this to around 3000 - Livestream capture resolution - 480P - Livestream capture bitrate - 5000 (This setting may be too high for some people try this first then change to 1500) Try livestreaming now.. If all goes well it should no longer be pausing every few seconds. If it works you can change the Video Capture settings back to your preferred settings. I did run into an issue when changing the livestream resolution to 720P, but I think is more due to my PC not being fast enough to do it as the software crashes after a few seconds. Sample video at http://www.twitch.tv/gamergeddon/b/334414101.
  3. Emuholic

    Xsplit And Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro

    I installed SP1 previously and have rebooted since. There are still pausing issues when streaming.
  4. Emuholic

    Xsplit And Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro

    I am having a similar problem with using the built in streaming as vegsmashed. Every few seconds the live stream will pause for a second or two. I have tried all the resolution settings from 240 to 720P, increasing the bitrate from the default settings, and the problem remains. I have over 1000K/sec upload bandwidth so I do not think it is the cause as it is only using 150K/sec on average. The video available after the live stream has finished does not show the pauses though it is jerking quite a bit. But due to the pauses the video is delayed by a long time, for example I can stream for 20 minutes and the recorded video will be say 10 minutes long. There are a couple of test videos of live streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/gamergeddon
  5. Emuholic

    Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    PM is fine, I can't promise I will be able to try it straight away as it sounds quite long to do. I have a busy week but I should have time on Sunday if I can not try it sooner. Thanks.
  6. Emuholic

    Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    All the information for the NTSC setup appears to work fine for PAL xbox so there is no real problem as such. I have not tried AmarecTV in great detail yet, so I cant comment on the capturing side, i.e. if the recordings show in the correct aspect ratio. I am interested in the 'ROXIO GAME CAPTURE [sD2HD] - SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV' video you posted Cauptain. The quality looks very impressive! Are you planning to do a guide on how you get those results?
  7. Emuholic

    Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    I had this problem yesterday while I was playing around with AmarecTV. I too have a PAL Xbox and the error is due to the resolution you select: NTSC: w= 720, h= 480, fps=30,00, fcc=YUY2, bit=16 PAL: w= 720, h= 576, fps=25,00, fcc=YUY2, bit=16 If you have a PAL Xbox and choose the PAL settings it will give you that pin out error, if you change it to the NTSC settings it will work. It does seem there are issues with PAL xbox settings as even on the Roxio Capture Software you still need to select NTSC instead of PAL for it to work.
  8. The below video was captured with the Roxio software and then edited in CyberLink PowerDirector. After that it is upscaled to 720p and exported with H.264 AVC format. I can't remember the filesize as I done the below video last week, but its typically around 100MB per minute of video. So the below one would have been in the area of 600 to 700MB for a 6:45 video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQKZaI9dL3I
  9. I think you need to have it on so the Mic audio goes through the soundcard so the Roxio software can capture it, that is my understanding of what the setting does (I will double check tomorrow). Turn the PC speakers off to fix this (easy solution) as you will probably be using your TV speakers/surround sound to listen to the game audio.
  10. Thanks for the tip on showing disabled devices Vaughn Whiskey, I added it to the guide. I should have some free time tomorrow so I will try and get the best volume settings for voice and game. I done a very quick test before posting this and have a few ideas to sort it out.
  11. A few people wanted a way to record live commentary while capturing with the Roxio software. It is possible to do and requires some changes to Windows Recording Device. There are probably ways to do this with other video capturing editing software but this seems to work so I thought I would share it with everyone. I have to admit I have not tested this method 100% as yet, in fact I have probably spent around 15 minutes to see if it works. I was planning to write this guide after more testing but I thought to get it online so everyone can share their results and tips. When I done some initial testing I found the sound from the Roxio to be overly loud, I reduced the in game volume to compensate this. You will also need to tweak the PC Microphone volume to match the game volume. I have a Astro A40 headset which can be used on PC and consoles. It comes with the added bonus that you can use it on both PC and console at the same time so you would not need two microphones to speak on Xbox Live and record commentary for example. This was why I came up with this idea as we are planning to do group based game 'vidcasts' at some point and it saves me using two microphones NOTE: These steps are for Windows 7. I can't remember what the settings are like for Windows Vista or XP, but I think Vista at least should be similar. Step 1 - Right click on the Speaker icon on the Taskbar and click on Recording Devices. You should see similar to the below image. The two devices we are going to edit are the PC Microphone and the Roxio GAMECAP. In my case it is the 'Astro Gameing USB Mixamp', but the one you want is probably the 'Microphone' device. Addition: Go to recording devices and right click a open space and make sure "Show Disabled Devices" is checked and then enable 'Stereo Mix'. (Thanks to Vaughn Whiskey for this note). You may need to enable your PC Microphone so do that as well. Step 2 - Click on your PC Microphone once, then click on 'Properties' in the bottom right corner. A new window will appear, click on the 'Listen' tab. You should see similar to below image. Check 'Listen to this device'. You want the audio to be played through your Soundcard which should be the default setting. Step 3 - Click on the 'Levels' tab. This is the recording volume of your PC Microphone. You will need to balance this with the game audio later so for now keep it between 0 and 10 as shown below. Click on OK to save the settings and return to the Recording Devices window. Step 4 - Click on the 'Roxio GAMECAP' device once and then click on 'Properties'. A new window will appear, click on the 'Listen' tab. You should see similar to the below image. Step 5 - Check 'Listen to this device' as you will also want the audio going through your Soundcard. Step 6 - Click on the 'Levels' tab. This is the volume of your game audio. I used 0 in my settings as it was recording too loud so give that a try as shown in the below image Click on OK to save the settings and then click OK on the Recording Devices window to save everything. Step 7 - Open the Roxio Game Capture software. Click on the Options button and a new window should appear similar to below. Click on the 'Audio Input' tab and then change the Device from 'Line (Roxio GAMECAP)' to your PC Soundcard, in my case it is the Stereo Mix (SoundMAX Integrated) device. Click on OK to save the settings. Step 8 - Try a test recording while playing a game and speaking into the microphone. If all goes well you should have a video with game audio and commentary. I hope that gets everyone started at least. As mentioned I have only briefly tried this set up and it works to an extent, it mainly needs some tweaks with the volume to get everything balanced. You can go a step further if you wish and record Xbox Live Party Chat. There is an option on the dashboard to output game chat to Headset/TV Speakers/Both. This will *not* record your own voice but it will record everyone else in the party. You will need to use a second microphone or use the Astro A40 to record yours. I will update this post when possible with any changes suggested or to fix any mistakes. Any feedback is appreciated so feel free to suggest anything.
  12. Thanks for clearing that up. Do you know why the images are stretched vertically as shown in the image a few posts up? Also, my review of the Roxio Game Capture is now online at http://www.gamergeddon.com/2011/04/13/roxio-game-capture-review/.
  13. I have tried with 720p and still the same, only displays in NTSC modes. If you check the first post, in the second attached screenshot you can see that the display shows incorrectly if I change to PAL-60, part of the top of the screen is shown at the bottom. Other PAL settings give warped video like when an analogue TV is not tuned in properly.
  14. 1. Thanks for clarifying that. 2. I am in United Kingdom. I am using a PAL Xbox 360 set at 1080i. It is connected to a LG M228WA TV/Monitor if that makes any difference.
  15. Yeah there are various capture settings for NTSC, PAL and SECAM. I have a PAL Xbox 360 at 1080i so I would have presumed changing the setting to one of the PAL settings would work. It does capture video absolutely fine in NTSC-M so it does not affect me and is not exactly important, just wondering why changing to PAL does not work when it should and if the screenshot capture being stretched is something to do with this.