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    Blue Screen When Changing To 720P

    The PS 3's HDMI output is locked due to HDCP. the easiest way is to switch to component cables. most games on PS 3 are natively rendered at 720p, and if you have it set to 1080i or 1080p, the system is just really up-scaling the picture to fit the display resolution.
  2. Kusanagi

    Will Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Work On A Nes?

    Famicom= Family Computer. aka the Japanese name for the NES.
  3. Kusanagi

    Capturing Old Systems Like Nes

    it's possible, but the method for achieving component/RGB output on an NES can be somewhat complicated. and even then, there's no guarantee that the HD Pro will accept 240p video data.
  4. Kusanagi

    Will Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Work On A Nes?

    ah, good old Famicom..
  5. Kusanagi

    Don't Buy From Roxio

    any usb 2.0 recording device will have that delay.
  6. Kusanagi

    Uploading To Facebook And Youtube Help Please!

    Facebook has a limit on how large the file size is.
  7. Kusanagi

    Upgrading My Pc What Would Be Better For Capture

    the cpu meets the minimum spec for the card, but your on-board video is another story. Getting anything decent for $400 is a bit of a stretch.
  8. Kusanagi

    My Roxio Hd Pro Is In Black And White. Need Help Please.

    just to test to see if the signal is coming out the same.
  9. Kusanagi

    Unrelated! Split

    what model Xbox 360? i've heard conflicting reports that the Slim version has HDCP enabled. if it's the older style unit, your HDMI output is most likely faulty.
  10. Kusanagi

    Unrelated! Split

    yeah, sorry about that. lol.
  11. Kusanagi

    Unrelated! Split

    that's why i said 'conflicting reports'. i haven't been able to find a full 100% confirmation on the subject. some say no, and there's some that said yes. <.<
  12. Kusanagi

    Any In-Game Delay?

    Pass-through to TV? no delay. there's only a small processing delay when the device captures the video and sends it to the PC.
  13. Kusanagi

    Hw Encoder For Livestreams?

    the Hardware encoder eases the strain on the CPU, so your CPU load shouldn't be very high. That said, there's also a slight delay because of it. maybe around .2-.3 milliseconds at the most.
  14. if you have the original XBox 360, you're only able to get up to 1080i/Component.
  15. Kusanagi

    Ps3 Black Preview Screen

    it's also possible that your device could be faulty. If you've tried everything and nothing works, maybe it's time to call support.
  16. i can hear the audio, but i get this fuzzy image as if a TV station has gone offline for the night. what can be done to fix this?
  17. Kusanagi

    Sp1 Patch

    the patch has failed to install....
  18. Kusanagi

    Sp1 Patch

    Just the Console edition currently.
  19. Kusanagi

    Sp1 Patch

    Yeah, that's it. it says that it can't find the Game Cap.
  20. Kusanagi

    Game Cap Bad Image

    Nice. will give it a shot when i have some free time edit: no difference
  21. Kusanagi

    Game Cap Bad Image

    1- it's on default settings. 2- not sure if this is it, but there doesn't seem to be any interference from anything else here. 3-same as 1. default. i'm on US standard. 4- there isn't any problem with the pass through to the TV. that works fine. it's the signal that's being sent from the device's USB to my pc that produces that image. also working on a support ticket..
  22. Kusanagi

    Game Cap Bad Image

    edit: changed the USB cable. still having the same problem.
  23. Kusanagi

    Game Cap Bad Image

    that didn't change much. i was still not getting an image.
  24. Kusanagi

    Game Cap Bad Image

    yeah. it is.
  25. Kusanagi

    Faulty Game Cap?

    I'm not getting anything at all when this is hooked up. no video, no sound. nothing. when my 360 is hooked up straight, it works... edit: got it working, but software is giving me a white empty screen