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    Gamecap Card Not Producing Anything

    UPDATE: I tried it on my GF's laptop that has Windows 7 on it and it worked with no qualms. Even though the package says XP compatible, that may not be true... Thanks guys. I just tried the device with your instructions but it did not work. I'm currently trying my it on my GF's PC that has Windows 7 on it. Did others with XP have this problem as well?
  2. Hi, I just got the GameCapture box about a week ago and just tried to hook it up but I am getting nothing from the software but a white screen. Nothing loads after I click the big blue capture button. No sound, no video, just the white box. Everything is set up properly (I watched the video many times) and I've tried switching from 1080i to 720P to 480P all the while rebooting the xbox 360 and replugging in the USB cable but nothing still. OS: Windows XP with Service Pack 3 Processor: Intro Core Duo 2 2.80 GHZ Ram: 2.96 Gigs