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  1. take the usb cable out of the computer before hitting capture and watch what happens... i could never get the screen to come up before. and now i can. its something to do with the cables. not the program or computer itself (in my case) try the firewalls and all those things. if that doesnt work try disabling one card as i am about to do. so trying Cauptain's advice in hopes that this will work =)
  2. So I'm having an issue with the blue capture button when i open the program. it opens a screen that has the same carbon fiber looking background as the rest of the program and it has file and help options at the top and everything but it nothing ever comes up in the middle. it just loads and loads and loads and nothing happens. ram is fine on my comp and it is running at good speed. not sure what the problem is but it says "program is not responding" and i have to close the window. it renders the program useless and i just got it in the mail yesterday. please help.
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    Gamecap Card Not Producing Anything

    Glomerate, I am having the same problem with my PS3... So don't feel bad. I've contacted customer services about this. The big blue 'capture' button is where my computer opens a big box that loads but nothing ever comes up when i click on it I have no clue what is wrong. it shouldn't be resolution but if it is I'll repost. I'll repost whatever I get back from them. Let me know if you find out anything...