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  1. Jumping in with a similar issue. Clean installed NXT 4 on windows 10. Made the usual great videos. Wanted to burn a project into a blu ray disc. CLicked the "DVD" button on top of the screen. Up popped a "Prepare for authoring" screen - not the usual screen I saw in NXT 3. (first, of course, I had to purchase the $7.99 blu ray option. ) Anyway, all this screen tried to do was render another video which I don't need. I want it placed onto a blu ray disc. I read the thread, and tried the suggestions. IN the My DVD program I tried to browse to one of my DMSM projects, but the browse screen would not recognize the project. I am at a loss. Why won't this program just go to a burn screen? Thank you for any help.
  2. hhorders

    Won't Render

    Creator NXT Pro. Does not matter the format. MP4, MTS it won't render. Just get a black screen where I usually watch the video render before my eyes. Running WIndows 7Home Pemium 64 bit SP1 Intel Core I7 2620 M CPU @ 2.70 ghz, intel HD graphics I tried going into tools and switching from hardware to software, and vice versa. No difference. I haven't tried re-installing as I may be out of attempts. You get ten and I have used this fix sometimes in the past, but lately this fix will not work to fix anything so why bother if I am out of installs anyway. Help! I have to put out a training video in two days!
  3. 1) Several repairs (6 and they take only afew seconds, correct?) and nothing improves. 2) That's closing the barn door after the horses escaped......but good to know in the future 3) I am quite proficient at producing vids. However, the only way to use the audio over several slides or to adjust it quickly one way or the other is to use timeline view. 4) Dell XPSL502X windows 7 home premium SP1 I7 2620M, 2.70 GHZ, 8 gb ram intel HD graphics, no sure how to do maintenance to this 5) Yes. It displays my frustration with this product that has to have a huge forum which would be unnecessary if the product worked as advertised. Do you have to speak iiin generalizations? How do you know what turns people off? You can only speak for yourself.
  4. Just finished up a training video, and have to move some audio because I inserted some stuff which through the audio off. Usually, I click to timeline view and just slide the audio to the slides it needs to be associated with. I use Creator NXT Pro, Now, when I click "timeline view" the whole program hangs up. I do not want to do re-install because the key may not work anymore because I had to have it reset by Ralf once before. Any ideas on how to fix this? And, editorial comment why the F does this program crash and have so many GD issues?????? Thanks.
  5. hhorders

    Help. Nxt Won't Burn Dvds

    I found your helpful tip elsewhere on the forum and tried it, exactly. Still no dice. I am going to try and split the first 7 minutes of the video with the remaining 48 minutes, and render the first 7 minutes into one video; then add this one video to the remaining 48 and see if it burns. Thank you for the suggestions and I will report back.
  6. hhorders

    Help. Nxt Won't Burn Dvds

    Well, I adjusted the video at the freeze point by deleting a few seconds and removing a transition. Still freezes at 12%. So I tried to burn another dvd off another (and shorter) prodction - 12 minutes. And it froze at 52%, Tried ISO'ing each of them - froze at same point. I suppose it's time to learn adobe premier, and return this roxio nxt pro. I should have listened to the reviews and saved my money.
  7. hhorders

    Help. Nxt Won't Burn Dvds

    So what Dell make/model do you have? DELL INTEL CORE i7,Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit; 8 gb ram Have you considered that there is something in your project that is causing the problem? Ummm, I didn't know this was a possibility as I never had this issue, ever. How could I check this? How do you know that it hangs just one frame from the end? I know because when it hangs at 99%, it says tells me there is one frame left Does your project play fully in Burn Preview window including menu? Yes Forget about burning until you can successfully create the mpg file. Even then I would not burn to DVD right away but first to an iso image file or a folder set. If those are created correctly and play then you can burn them to a DVD. OKAY I WILL TRY THIS. I ASSUME I CAN CREATE ISO FILE WITHOUT DOING A BURN? LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS. THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTIONS I WILL REPORT BACK
  8. I've used Creator 2010 for a few years. I upgrade every 2 years. Just loaded Creator NXT Pro from the disc. Did my usual creation....dragged from camera, edited a volleyball match, added music, text, overlays, etc to make your typical 50 minute dvd. I go to burn, without chapter. The program hangs at 12%. Tried it 5 times with 5 new DVDs, two different brands. I tried "repair" and shut down my antivirus. Tried to burn again - same thing. Hangs at 12%. In addition, when I tried to convert the movie to an mpg, all I can do is get it to 99%. One frame short of completion. Every time. I am at wits end with Roxio and about to demand a refund and learn Adobe Premier. Can anybody suggest anything to fix this issue on this brand new software???? Thanks. I am running a fast as hell Dell I7 computer with speed and memory to burn so that is not the issue.
  9. Hi Jim: Seems your the expert here. I know roxio very well, but am upgrading to an HD camera. Will Roxio 10 support converting my HD video into DVD's ( I make movies with ease with my standard def camera)? Will they play on a normal DVD player? I'm sure I have a few more questions. Thanks! Henry HHorders@verizon.net