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    .mkv Converting = Crashing

    Thanks for the ? I have tried multiple profiles including the following: Xbox: Fastest, best, standard MPEG-4: Best, standard and fastest All of these were attempted with more than one mkv file and all resulted in a crash/error and not completing the conversion.
  2. mountainprincess

    .mkv Converting = Crashing

    Just upgraded to 11 titanium to convert .mkv to formats supported by XBOX360 (via Connect 360). Spent all day attempting to convert numerous different MKV files (varying sizes) to ANY compatible format (MPEG4, AVI etc). The result has been a crash every time with the following message: Couldn't complete the last command because (ID=-108) Result code -108 and then send an error report and log to apple. So frustrating to have spent $60 and have no success. Tips, answers and solutions are very much appreciated.