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    Taking it offline did n ot work. I searched for "registration" and found a post that said to run setup with a command line parameter to resolve the problem. An un-install had to be run before trying this. The command is: <drive>:\folder\setup.exe SAR_REGSUPPORT=0 This did resolve the problem. Thanks for the help.
  2. I have a problem similar to the one described on another post of the same title from SandyJ22. I have followed all of the "getting ready" steps (including getting updated drivers); have remove all of the potentially offensive old software;have done a registry clean-up and compress; have done an install with all start-up items turned off and all but Microsoft's services turned off (using msconfig); have shut down my antivirus; and have installed only the program (from a re-download in case of an initial download error). What I get is the Roxio logo followed by a window with a non-filled in Roxio box in the left corner and 3 enterable frames - one large one over 2 side-by side smaller ones. I have to use task manager and cancel the service to make the logo and window go away. What I'm wondering is whether this is a registration window or a "give me your name for the registry" thing. I have gotten to this point each of the 3 times I have installed - I have never entered any data in the frames as I don't know what it wants. I am running a Dell Studio 540S Intel Core Quad Q8300 2.5GHz ; Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit ; 6 GB ram ; Intel video I have attached a screen print of the logo and window. Can anyone tell me what to do to get past the window and into the software? Thanks, Terry232 (edit: to make pic viewable)