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    Ultimate Roxio Game Capture Guide

    Hey man. Thanks. This seems to have resolved at least some of the issues I was having with the Roxio Game capture device, whilst recording. It's weird cause when I tried to record with FME, same problems. But this software seems to eliminate the audio clipping which was the biggest problem. Although it might be too early to say as I need to do more recordings and see how it works over longer periods of footage, still, regardless thanks again.
  2. ChronoJoe

    Confusing Speed

    This happens when I try to record at a higher quality than my PC can handle, so it compensates and skips frames whilst still running at the same speed it would normally, through the frames it takes.
  3. ChronoJoe

    Distorted Sound

    Okay I fixed my issue by using FME to record rather than the roxio software. The clipping issue was occuring with both xsplit and the roxio software. Not sure if the issue is entirely fixed considering I've only tested it at 360x240 resolution. Perhaps when the record consumes more bandwidth across my motherboard more problems will occur, that's a theory anyway. I'll test some higher settings and get back.
  4. ChronoJoe

    Distorted Sound

    Unfortunately I'm having the same problem. I've tried all the advice given here, with no resolve. It's a little weird. It sounds as if the audio is definitely clipping however turning it down doesn't seem to ease the issue any. On Super Street Fighter 4, recorded from PS3. The sound effects are all perfectly fine, but the music isn't. It seems to only effect bass, or something like that.
  5. ChronoJoe

    Youtube Upload

    Just upload it directly to youtube. It's hardly an inconvenience.