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  1. Yes, I am running 10.6.7 but I have given up on the roxio "easy vhs to dvd" and have returned it. The audio never worked and roxio never helped me. I will not have anything to do with roxio anymore.

    I do not know if you can use it on an iMac since I don't have that. I tried it on an old Powerbook I have and it did not work, but I only have 10.3.9 on that computer. Goo...

  2. If you are up to date on MacBook Pro software, you are running 10.6.7. I was sure that my "no audio" problem was the cables. I have been thinking I'd buy another copy to make this thing work, but now I won't waste my money. Can I install the software on my iMac after I've put it on my Workbook Pro?

  3. "I understand your frustration" is the phrase roxio techies always use when they are going to add more nonsense to your problem and never solve it. What a joke! I returned my only roxio product ("easy vhs to dvd") because it did not work and they never helped to fix it, even though they sent me some eight or nine "support" messages, each one starting with roxio's motto: "I understand your frustration." They wasted my time and never helped me. I am not happy with this situation and want some kind of compensation. Perhaps if they go bankrupt I will be satisfied! I had listed a URL where people can go to buy some other product instead of roxio's useless "easy vhs to dvd" but roxio censored me and deleted it. If anybody wants to know where to look for another company's product that might work, send me a private message. Quick before they delete this. I should say I have not bought the device but it looks like a viable alternative.
  4. Sam Mac

    Vhs To Dvd For Mac - No Audio

    I have returned the product to the store I bought it from for a full refund. I had enough of roxio and will never buy a roxio product again.
  5. Sam Mac

    Vhs To Dvd For Mac - No Audio

    The latest from roxio techies is to "clean install" the software! No matter what I say, there has never been a serious reply to the problem!
  6. Sam Mac

    Vhs To Dvd For Mac - No Audio

    I have a bit of an update. I wrote above, having the same problem. No audio on a new MacBook Pro running OS 10.6.7. I got an email, most probably from roxio's outsourced techies, giving me links on properly connecting the cables! I wrote back to tell them they have a REAL PROBLEM with this device and OS 10.6.7 and no talk about connections or cables is going to fix it. There is a lot of talk on these pages about bad support and customer relations from roxio and I can see why, but I have no time for nonsense. I wrote them to either fix it immediately or authorize me to return the contraption. I paid $87 (including tax) for it. I suggest everybody with a similar problem should SHOUT at them until their outsourced techies get off their behinds, contact their supervisors and come up with a solution.
  7. Sam Mac

    No Audio

    I have the same problem, no audio on a MacBook Pro, running OS 10.6.7. I wrote roxio and all they do is link to text saying make sure the connections are done properly! I told them either fix it or authorize me to return the contraption. I paid $87 (including tax) for this thing. I have posted on two other threads about this. They have a REAL PROBLEM with this device on MacBook Pro and OS 10.6.7 and we have to SHOUT at them to fix it. Save us all the talk about whether the cables work OK or are properly connected. THEY ARE PROPERLY CONNECTED. Roxio has a REAL PROBLEM here and they had better fix it and immediately!
  8. Sam Mac

    No Audio

  9. I have a problem with the VHS to DVD for Mac (no audio) which I have written about on another thread but I saw this thread so I am writing here too. I paid $87 for the contraption (including tax) but it does not work. Apparently it does not work on any MacBook Pro, running OS 10.6.7, because others have said the same thing and roxio KNOWS it. In short, I wrote roxio tech support and received a reply with links to their useless info on making sure the connections are made properly! That's all they know to say. I told them either they fix it or authorize me to return it. If everybody SHOUTED at them like this maybe their outsourced techies will get off their behinds and call their superiors to actually do something!
  10. Sam Mac

    Vhs To Dvd For Mac - No Audio

    Thanks for replying, Philomath. I am certainly going to return this useless contraption, and complaining to roxio. Needless to say I will never buy anything made by this company again.
  11. Sam Mac

    Vhs To Dvd For Mac - No Audio

    I have the same problem. I just bought the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac and everything works OK except the audio. I downloaded and installed the upgrade on this page, version 1.0.3, I believe, as well as the available upgrade for the accompanying Toast software. The problem is still there. I am on a new MacBook Pro, using the latest software download, OS X 10.6.7. Since others are experiencing the same problem, has Roxio responded or done anything about it?