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  1. I am transferring analogue video to my computer via a Sony digital camera. The camera is linked to the VHS video player and then outputs through the camera via a firewire to my computer. All the footage shows on the camera screen and also on the blue screen on the media import of NXT 4. My Sony device is shown at the top of the screen and the status says 'ready to capture.' However, the 'capture entire tape' and 'capture now' buttons are not live and do not work even when the footage is coming through with video and sound. I have used this feature in the past with no problems and cannot understand why it no longer works. I have already tried doing a 'repair' on the program. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Mobebb

    Error When Encoding Menus

    I am trying to create two DVD's of a family wedding using two 4.7 GB DVDs. The first project is 1 hr 14 mins long, all movie, but I have set the quality to 'fit to disc.' The second project is 42 mins long and contains two movies and three slideshows - this is set to 'High Quality.' Each project has a main menu with a 'play movie' button and a 'select chapter' button and each has a chapter menu containing 5 chapters. I have ensured that the menu templates chosen accommodate 5 chapters. The menu backgrounds have been changed to show photos from the wedding ( so I have personalized them.) Both projects play perfectly when I preview them. The problems arise when I try to create a disc image. I have used the same format many times before and have never had the problems that I am encountering this time. Thanks for helping.
  3. When encoding a DVD project in Roxio Creator 2012 Pro, it fails every time at 98% when it reaches the 'encode menus' stage. I have followed much of the advice on the forum eg updating graphic card drivers and changing the rendering settings but it does the same thing whether set on 'hardware' or 'software'. I've also tried changing the menu style but still it fails. I don't know what else to try so would really appreciate any help. Computer Spec: Acer Aspire - Intel core i7 - 2.0Ghz with turbo boost to 2.9Ghz. 8GB DDR3 memory NVIDIA GeForce GT555M 1500 GB HDD Operating system is Windows 7 Home Edition. DirectX 11 is installed.
  4. Mobebb

    Text Editing In 'my Dvd'

    I'm still on Windows 7 Home Edition.
  5. Mobebb

    Text Editing In 'my Dvd'

    Thank you for your help but I'm rather disappointed with NXT4 - I'm feeling inclined to revert to Creator 2012 where you could at least personalize the menus in 'My DVD'.
  6. How do I edit text on a menu in 'My DVD' in NXT 4? I want to change the font, size and colour of the text ( as I used to when using Creator 2012). In 'Edit Menu' mode, the red box appears around the text but then I cannot make any changes although the instruction manual states that you can edit:- menu layout, text, imagery and music.
  7. Mobebb

    Capture Buttons Not Live.

    Thank you for your help. I did eventually find how to record the analog footage onto the digital camcorder tape and from there could capture it to my computer. The instructions on how to do this were on page 128 of my manual under the title 'Recording video or TV programmes.' Thanks again to everyone who offered their advice.
  8. Mobebb

    Capture Buttons Not Live.

    Yes I have captured video from the digital camcorder on many occasions in the past but this was to my old laptop. I don't think I have captured from this camcorder to my current laptop. How do I record from the analog source to the DV tape? I have tried this but it doesn't work. When the camcorder is in playback mode ( labelled VCR) and I press the record button, it captures to the memory card, not to the camcorder tape. The memory card only holds 1 minute of video footage and when I capture that on my computer, it is on a blue screen with the video like a postage stamp in the middle.
  9. Mobebb

    Capture Buttons Not Live.

    When I put a tape in the camcorder, the capture buttons & play, stop & rewind buttons on the capture screen do become live but it then just captures the blank tape rather than the footage coming through from the VCR. The camcorder is digital but rather old. It is a Sony Digital Handycam Model No DCR-PC101E
  10. I am still trying to capture analog video footage using the 'digital camcorder pass-through' method (as the Roxio analog-digital converter still hasn't arrived). The VCR is connected to the digital camcorder with the av cable and the camcorder to the laptop with a firewire connection. The video is now playing on the camcorder screen and is also coming through in the Roxio capture preview window. The problem is that the 'capture' button is greyed out and therefore not live. Just under the preview screen it says 'no media'. Is there a setting on the laptop or in Roxio that I should be changing?
  11. Mobebb

    Capturing From Old Video Camera

    Yep the laptop is big - I call it 'The Beast' - but I love it. Right here's where I am up to with my analog to digital problems. The Roxio converter is likely to take weeks to arrive and I urgently need a small amount of video footage from the analog tape in order to complete a family video. I tried the analog to digital camcorder pass-through but the old camcorder didn't play well. Using the small VHS tape in the cassette adapter was more successful and I could see the footage clearly on the digital camera's LCD screen. There was a problem however when I tried to connect the digital camcorder to the laptop. If I connected with a USB, the laptop did not recognise the camcorder - if I connected with a firewire, the camcorder was recognised but the footage disappeared off the LCD screen and the Roxio capture button wasn't live. I seem to be banging my head against a brick wall. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your tips, Sknis, I'll follow those through.
  12. Mobebb

    Capturing From Old Video Camera

    Thanks for the link - now here's the text file with computer info: DxDiag.txt
  13. Mobebb

    Capturing From Old Video Camera

    Thanks for the advice - I have now ordered the Roxio analog to digital converter. Meanwhile I will try capturing from the VCR using the small tape adapter as you suggested. The old camcorder is a Panasonic Palmcorder model No NV-S5B. As I explained in my last post, using the term phono outputs was a slip of the tongue. You can plug in both video and audio jacks. I actually have a lot of computer experience and have used roxio products for about 9 years but am usually capturing from a modern digital camcorder rather than from an analog source. Your link to the computer spec info wasn't live and so I couldn't complete that but here is a brief rundown of the spec of my laptop. Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G, Windows 7 Home, Intel core i7 , NVIDIA Geforce GT 555M, 8GB DDR3 memory, 1500GB HDD Thanks again for your help.
  14. Mobebb

    Capturing From Old Video Camera

    oops, sorry that's me using the wrong terminology. They're not phono outlets from the camcorder but the yellow video outlet and the white audio outlet. Should I have a Roxio USB device? My 'media import' screen doesn't show it and I didn't get one with the Roxio software. On my 'Roxio Media Import' screen the drop down menu only shows 'Integrated webcam' and 'Roxio DVD-Rom Emulator (H:)
  15. I need to capture family video footage into Roxio Creator 2012 Pro from an old Panasonic palmcorder video camera which uses VHS -C video cassettes. The camera only has phono outputs so I have purchased a phono to USB lead. When I plug this into my laptop however, the camera isn't even recognised. Do I need a special driver or converter for this task? I would appreciate any help as I have 25 of these tapes to archive onto DVD.