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    Create Avi File In Videowave

    I've been doing some experimenting and here's what I've observed. I've tried every type of compression that's available when I try to set up a custom template for creating an AVI file. I almost always get the message the "unable to build the render graph", except when I choose "DV Video Encoder" (but I get huge files) or I chose "Roxio Smart AVC Encode" which will generate the error message "Error: No timestamp available for this sample" Is anybody able to generate custom templates with reasonable compression?
  2. David NYC

    Create Avi File In Videowave

    the model is a BD-P3600. The player has the ability to connect to a shared directory on my desktop pc and to play video files that are in .AVI or .MP4 format so I want to convert the .wmv file to one of these two formats, maintaining a 16x9 aspect, good quality, and a file size that is not outrageously larger than the current 340 megabyte of the .wmv file. What I have tried to do was define a custom a template to use for "Video file quality". In the template I set the compression as "Xvid MPEG-4 Codec", frame rate as "30.00 NTSC" and frame size as "800 x 450". When I go to use this template though, I get the error "Unable to build render graph" so I'm left scratching my head.
  3. David NYC

    Create Avi File In Videowave

    Actually what I need is the file to be in .AVI or .MP4 format. I want to play the files on my Samsung Blu-ray player and those are the two formats it supports. I guess I'm hoping to find a way to convert the current file to either of these two formats while maintaining good resolution (the .wmv file is 928x522) and a reasonable file size (the current size is 340 meg for a 21:45 minute clip) So given that info, I hope someone can guide me in how to convert the wmv file. Thanks
  4. David NYC

    Create Avi File In Videowave

    I was beginning to suspect that DV-AVI file was uncompressed. What settings would need to be used to create a compressed AVI of reasonable size? On another pc, I have videowave 7, and I have successfully set up custom templates there using a DivX codec within Videowave. The problem there being is that the 16x9 video gets converted to a 4x3 format. I appreciate your help, and patience since I am new to using these apps.
  5. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I have a 16:9 wmv file that I want to convert to an AVI file. The source file is about 130 Mbyte. When I use Videowave, I select to create a video file using the template DV format AVI (720 x 576). The problem is that the resulting file is HUGE. If I try to create a custom template I'm not sure what options to choose, and I regularly get the message "Unable to build render graph". I've built custom templates in older versions of videowave (back when it had DIVX 5.1 codecs) but I cant seem to make it work in Creator 2010. Any help is appreciated I'm running Windows 7 ultimate.