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    Audio Help

    That's really odd then. I uninstalled both Xsplit and Live Messenger and the audio prbs went away.
  2. constantine9

    Audio Help

    Uninstalled Windows Live Messenger, Xsplit and it did the trick. My audio is working well again. Thanks, hope this is more than a temp fix.
  3. constantine9

    Audio Help

    I don't have Skype installed on my PC and I still have the horrible audio problems. I also am only getting one channel for some reason. I've checked cables and everything. I have tried to lower the audio via master as well. It's on FULL BLAST at all times. Is there still no fix for this?
  4. constantine9

    Best Program For Capturing W/ The Roxio?

    Don't have Skype installed on that PC but wow, thank goodness for this forum. I thought I was losing my #$^@ mind at the bass issues. I've tried everything here and yet I see no fix in sight and it's fantastic to see Roxio hasn't either. That's sarcasm btw. It's amazing how a device that was working fine can randomly go full blast out of no where. I have even uninstalled Windows Live Messager and uninstalled and reinstalled the roxio software to no avail. I know it's not my PC because I see at least 4 threads here with customers having the same issue.
  5. Yeah, a tutorial with this would be great to use for streaming purposes as well. If you get a chance, please make one. Thanks!
  6. No you don't need the game cap software if all you're going to do is stream. All you need is FME and that's it. Just make sure you set FME to stream at a bandwidth that your connection can stream smoothly.
  7. Also wanted to add you can then upload saved Justin.tv streams to youtube and looks pretty good.
  8. What video card do you have as well. It matters. The faster, the better. A dual core should be decent but quad core would be better. Make sure you have a good deal of Ram as well.
  9. Yeah it's the Gears 3 beta. Plan to stream some more tonight. Been messing with the settings and have managed to get a little bit better quality. Sure I can help you set it up. Make sure you download Flash Media Encoder, which is free. You just need to make an adobe account on their site to download it. Here's a great walkthrough that helped me. Any questions just let me know. http://community.justin.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=3638
  10. Yes you can. I'm currently messing with settings and seeing what the best you can get streaming is. So far, this is the best I've been able to get on Justin.TV http://www.justin.tv/galaxynextdoor/b/284476585 It's still a work in progress but yes it very much does work. Clearly not going to be in HD, but the quality isn't incredibly poor either.
  11. constantine9

    Audio On Playback At Varying Speeds

    It has to do with your hardware. Make sure that you have as few processes running in the background as possible.