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  1. SOLUTION: For anyone else that has this problem, I found a simple solution to fix this problem. Go to the Microsoft website and download and install the "Windows Install Cleanup Utility". When the program is run, a list of possible programs to clean up in the registry is presented. In my case, the offending Cineplayer Decoder Pack had two entries. I selected to uninstall each. It worked like a charm.
  2. So in other words I take it there is no solution to this problem, Roxio doesn't care. Real incentive to buy another Roxio product. If you want to destroy your computer, install Cineplayer today.
  3. A few weeks ago I uninstalled Cineplayer, via the MyDVD entry in XP's Control Panel. I needed to do this because Cineplayer is incompatible with ThumbsPlus (catalogues images & videos) which I have also had for many years. Since the uninstall, I get an Roxio "CinePlayer Decoder Pack cannot be found" error search-loop whenever I engage an MPEG or WMV file. I have searched the Roxio website and Internet extensively without finding a solution, only others with the same error. I have started several help tickets, only to get half-hearted generic suggestions that have not been useful at all. Even after supplying further information and a screen shot of the error, I have simply seen the tickets close. I have attempted to temporarily disengage Roxio registry startups without avail, possibly not selecting the correct or all necessary items. Having been a Roxio customer for a long time, and made many purchases, I can only hope that someone in the company that cares about it's reputation will really help me with this problem. My PC is hobbled for video playback and I have been very patient. This whole thing stems from the fact that Cineplayer does not do a clean uninstall. Please have a heart help me with this problem.