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    Burning Dvd Video, But Too Big?

    I'm trying to put multiple videos on one disc, they videos are 500-1gb in size, but when i add the 1gb, it FILLS a whole 4gb dvd? (according to the little meter that toast displays) anyone know if this is accurate? or why? thank you in advance for your kind assistance
  2. jackleman

    Burning Dvd Video, But Too Big?

    thank you for your responses! the video clips are all low resolution, even as low as 400x300. from what I've learned, you cannot take a low quality video and make it better quality. So it may seem that toast is just inflating them unnecessarily? Or does it mean that most DVD players do not read most forms of compression that result in proper file sizes / quality ratio? So as such, it'll re-encode them into a less-efficient format, but quality will be the same..? Some videos are 20-40 minutes while others are 1.5 hrs. I tried two that are roughly 3 hours in total but the space indicator shows orange... oddly the software still lets me hit the record button? What would happen if I tried to record when the space indicator shows anything but green? Thats an interesting idea about trying to fit-to-dvd, but how odd they don't give you that option until you jump through those hoops? sorry for my ignorance, i'm still quite new to this software.