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    My Laptop Can't Handle Recording

    I am not a huge computer whiz, but this is what it says on the front of my laptop: AMD Athlon II X2 processor P340 15.6"HD LED LCD AT Mobility Radeon HD 4250 3 gb DDR3 Memory 320 GB HDD DVD-Super Multi DL Drive Acer Nplify 802. 11b/g/n 6-cell Li-ion battery That is what is on the little sticker under my keyboard on my laptop. Also just some random info that may help is that when I go into my CTRL SHIFT ESC menu, it says Processes: 92 CPU Usage: 1-5% (just now with nothing on) and Physical Memory: 43% Not sure if that will help, but I figure it might give you an idea. My computer doesn`t seem clogged and fully used all the time or whatever.
  2. toughenough6

    My Laptop Can't Handle Recording

    Yeah it used to work and my laptop meets those requirements and surpasses them! It is just that the actual Roxio Gamecap software is slow. I just want another program that can take the input of the roxio hardware, because I am confident that I could record then.
  3. toughenough6

    My Laptop Can't Handle Recording

    My laptop can't handle recording my Xbox. Or at least that is what I think the problem is. When I tried to record originally, I was in 1080i, the highest definition my Xbox works at, and the recording was to say the least, messed up. It would slow down, then speed up, the audio would warp, it was like someone hit the recording with a hammer. After looking around I found out that I can simply lower the definition, since it is my computer that can't handle recording 1080i and it just messes things up. So I lowered to 720p, with still somewhat frequent errors, so I kept it at 480p. This was working fine for a while, and then I just got bored of recording and didn't need to so I stopped for a while. 1 Month Later: I come back to try to do more recordings, since I got a new game and want to post videos of it. Now, since my laptop has gotten older and slower and just overall worse, it does those errors that it did at high definition, but to any definition. I have it set up to record in 480p, and I have my Xbox on 480p, but it still can't handle it. One recording for example, stalled on the first frame of the video for the first 5 minutes while the audio went along normally (well, still messed up, but it was recording) and then finally did that 5 minutes in about 10 seconds, followed by a distortion of warping and horribleness with the rest of the video. The Roxio GameCap software has always been very slow on my computer, sometimes crashing due to it's slowness. To fix this I tried loading the GameCap with Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, and some other editing programs, all to no avail. No other program can read the input that my Roxio hardware gives it. My question is: Is there some other software that can read the Roxio hardware input? I cannot use this program and because of that cannot use the entire thing. Alternatively, if someone can tell me how to kind of "fix" the program to make it run better or something that would be great, but really I am just looking for a different program that will run faster so that my computer can focus on recording, not spending all it's RAM on running the program and not having time to record! Thank you.
  4. toughenough6

    Audio On Playback At Varying Speeds

    I have the same problem but it affects the video too, can someone see my thread and watch my video and help me?
  5. K so i just got roxio game capture, hooked it up with my xbox 360, and it was all good so i decided to record some call of duty 4, i recorded a few matches, but when i went to view them, some of the audio was speeding up, slowing down, going choppy, doing all sorts of different things in all sorts of different places, and same with the video, i tried viewing it in different programs, hell i uploaded it to youtube and watched it on another computer! Can anyone help me? Here is the video (the first kill isnt bad, but wait for it...):