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    CD/DVD Printer

    Hi, I'm one of those types that is a bit slow to get the newest technology, so just a week ago, I bought the Epson R320 and after playing with the Epson Print CD application and figuring out how to create a label, I am very pleased with the results. I got it off ebay, NIB for a really good price. What is it that your not happy with? I can't say that I've seen other printers that offer this capability. Bob
  2. bohalloran

    Toast 7.1 Media Browser Mac— iPhotos Will Not Show

    Hmm, I'm not an expert and while they do show up in Motion Pictures but not in Toast you might try this. It has worked for me in the past when for whatever reason my photos and music were not showing up in iLife. Try rebuilding your iphoto library. Among other things this "refreshes" the iphoto library. I'm not at my Mac, so I can't walk you thru that process, but when you open iphoto, do a search on the help menu for rebuilding the library and that will give you the steps. Then trash the toast plist and see what happens. Also, it is a known fact that if you move your iphoto library to another location, that can cause problems. I don't know why it would show up in Motion Pictures and not Toast. Does it show up in imovie? Anyway, the above won't hurt to try. Bob
  3. bohalloran

    iMovie 06 Chapter Markers in Toast 7.1

    Been a while since I posted here. I noticed that when I used Toast 7.1 to create a DVD from an iMovie 06 project that it did not include the chapter markers that I created as part of the iMovie project but instead, used the scenes from each of the clips in iMovie. I had the "use scene selection" checked in Toast. I tried it w/o that box checked and I got no scene selections which would be expected. I remember that Toast included the ability to use chapter markers from iMovie projects in eariler versions. Has something changed or am I missing something. Thanks, Bob Using 10.4.7 and QT 7.1.2
  4. bohalloran

    iMovie 06 Chapter Markers in Toast 7.1

    Hi, Thanks for the quick response. With my feeble mind I forgot that Toast will accept the chapter markers created in iMovie, but does not include the titles, only the image. I kept looking for the titles as well. So everything (but my SHORT memory) is fine. Any possiblity of enabling the titles in a future update? Seems that since Toast can incorporate the chapter marker images in iMovie as scene selections in Toast, it could also pick up the chapter marker titles as scene titles. Bob
  5. bohalloran

    iMovie 06 Chapter Markers in Toast 7.1

    I haven't heard a response so I thought I'd frame my question a bit differently and see if there is a response. Has anyone used iMovie 06 and created an iMovie project (.DV format) that includes chapter markers that were created in iMovie and had them show up in Toast 7.1? If so what were the settings that you used in Toast for that to happen? The markers I create in my iMovie projects don't show up in Toast 7.1. If I leave the "create scene selections" in Toast, I do get scene markers based on the video clips in the iMovie project. If I uncheck that box in Toast, Then the chapter markers that I created in iMovie don't show up either. So if its' possible to get the chapter markers created in iMovie to show up in Toast, how does that happen? Thanks in advance. Bob ps 10.4.7, Toast 7.1 QT 7.1.2
  6. Hi, I just upgraded from 10.3.9 to 10.4.4, also installed iLife 6. I have done all the repair permissions and disk warrior maintenance, also onyx. Every time I put my camcorder (Canon ZR 60) into vcr mode, Toast 7 quits. It happens every time without fail. This is the first time I have ever had that probelm. I am using a PM G5 1.8GB SP, 512GB ram, 10.4.4 and QT 7.0.4 pro. This is when I use my internal HD as the boot drive. I also upgraded an external FW HD to 10.4.4, QT 7.0.4 ilife 6 and Toast 7.0.2. Now using that HD as the boot drive, Toast does not quit when I put the camera in vcr mode. What is causing Toast to quit on the internal HD? I have repaired permissions and used Disk Warrior several times w/o that making a difference. I have also deleted ALL Toast files and done a complete reinstall of Toast along with the accompanying permission repair, etc. Is it something in QT? Why one HD and not the other with the same OS and app versions? Please help. Thanks, Bob ps. I had no problem using the internal HD as the boot drive using os 10.3.9, Toast 7.0.2 and QT 7.0.1.
  7. bohalloran

    Toast 7 Quits When Fw Camcorder Connected (turned On)

    Hi, Thanks for the responses and suggestions. I'm up and running again, but only after having to do a complete erease and install. What's really weird is that iMovie 6 worked fine and recognized the camera w/o quitting. So there must have been something that went wacko during the install. So now I am running 10.4.4 with iLife 6 (there are gliches there with iMovie unresponsiveness while trying to edit clips) and Toast 7. Bob
  8. bohalloran

    Flip4mac And Toast7 Conflict?

    Hi, Has anyone tried flip4mac version 2.0.1 and had any problems with Toast quitting immediately after launching? I downloaded flip4mac today, its free and seems to work well in opening wmv files. I am using a PM G5 with 10.4.4 and QT 7.0.4 pro with Toast 7.0.2. I was encoding an imovie 6 file in Toast and it suddenly quit. Didn't know why, at any rate I did repair permissions, then deleted Toast pref and plist, restarted the mac, opened Toast and it quit. I then downloaded Toast 7, again deleted plist and pref, repaired permissions and reinstalled Toast. Opened Toast and it quit again. So then I deleted all Toast files, repaired permissions and reinstalled Toast and it did not quit. I have read in the Apple fourms under iMovie 6 that there may be problems with flip4mac and QT and imovie and wondered if that might also effect Toast. Anyone else experienced this? Bob
  9. bohalloran

    Flip4mac And Toast7 Conflict?

    Hi, Thanks for thr responses. Bob