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    Can't See Any Of My Itunes Files In Toast 11 Media Browser

    Just on the off chance, did you try rebuilding your itunes library?
  2. bohalloran

    Menu Styles Missing

    The post below from Lud works perfectly. I now see ALL the menus, where having automatic does NOT show them. I don't know why, but it does make a difference. "Solution to my problem: Under Menu Styles -> Customize -> Aspect Ratio I have to select "Show All" then all 4:3 and 16:9 styles are available. This is not the case with the setting "Automatic".
  3. bohalloran

    Spin Doctor

    Check this link also for more info/options. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/86351-spin-doctor-101-on-mac-os108/
  4. bohalloran

    Spin Doctor 1.0.1 On Mac Os10.8

    Try Audacity, its' very robust and free. latest version is here: http://audacity.sour...et/download/mac Note the system requirements. Here is a quick how to. A bit old, but helps with the learning curve. http://www.macinstruct.com/node/131
  5. bohalloran

    Spin Doctor 1.0.1 On Mac Os10.8

    My guess is that Spin Doctor has reached its EOL and nothing may be posted that this is the case. Many companies use the new OS upgrade as a reason to simply let an application die a slow death. Just my 2 cents worth.
  6. bohalloran

    Toast Titanium 11

    Have you tried to copy one that you had done before and worked?
  7. bohalloran

    Music Dvd Problem & Cd Track Problems

    The dvd player application is an app that is part of mac os x. It is called DVD player. So put the DVD into the drive once it is mounted, double click on its icon and that will open a window on the desktop. Then open the dvd player app. Or you can put the DVD into the drive, open the dvd player app and go to the menu in the app to open the disc.
  8. bohalloran

    Why Does Burning Take Soooo Long?

    Try opening the app itself instead of from the menu in toast. The app is contained within the toast folder in the applications folder of your HD.
  9. bohalloran

    Pay Support To Get My Serial # To Work?

    Since you are inquiring about Creator, that is a PC app so you may do better posting in the creator forum.
  10. bohalloran

    Toast Install Loads And Mounts When Browsing Volume Of Folder

    Hi, look on the left most side of the finder window and go down to where it says "devices". You will see a disc icon and next to it "toast" and next to that the triangle. Click on that triangle.
  11. bohalloran

    Please Volunteer As A Toast Forum Contributor

    You have certainly earned the title song "thanks for the memories"!! WE will all miss you and I'm sure the folks who are still with Roxio and have been over the years will miss your sage advise and enormous patience. I really don't know how you have endured for so long. Hope all is well and that there are exciting times ahead for you. Pax, Bob
  12. bohalloran

    Toast Or Creator. Which Do I Need?

    keep in mind that Creator is for win/tel and Toast is for Macs.
  13. Does anyone know if the problem of not being able to use the superdrive after upgrading to ML applies only to Apple superdrives or any brand? i.e. owc, lacie, pioneer, etc. Thanks,
  14. Hmmm, this is very disconcerting and scary. I think it will be at least six months from now before I upgrade to either toast 11.x or mountain lion. Right now I'm with lion and 10.0.9 and holding. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. This may not be of much help, but I got the following link from an article posted on MacWorld.com as a site that lists many apps and if they work with Mountain Lion. http://roaringapps.com/apps:table While it says that it works with lion, it has some trouble (does not elaborate) with mountain lion.
  16. bohalloran

    Burning Labels On Discs With Toast 11?

    I use the epson r300 printer and use the print function that is built into osX. I have lion installed. The important thing about using the print function is that you have to drill down in the print minnows and ensure that you select the cd/dvd format in order to print properly on the disc. I never really liked the epson print cd app. I've printed many disc covers this way. Oh and I use the blight software disc cover re versions 2.x and 3.x with toast 10.x and lion.
  17. bohalloran

    Problems Creating Dvd Video From .mov File

    try doing a save as disc image and see if that works. If so, then try burning that saved disc image file to the dvd and see if that works.
  18. bohalloran

    Burning Labels On Discs With Toast 11?

    I have an epson r300 printer that prints to dvd's/cd's that are printable. That way you don't use paper and doesn't rely on lightscribe. The sw that comes with toast is compatible with that printer.
  19. bohalloran

    Web Video Capturing Issues

    Tsantee, Need your help. I've been looking for where toast stores the captured video on the HD to no avail. I read your post above about a "toast video capture folder". I did a search in the finder on my HD to no avail. Could you furnish me the path to where it is located. Thanks,
  20. bohalloran

    Web Video Capturing Issues

    Can you tell me where you found the video files. I've not been able to find them myself. All I know is that if I highlighted a video and hit the delete key it would delete it and if I went back to that same video and tried to record it toast would not do that. Tsantee, while I am using 10.0.9 and not 11.x, I also cannot record a tube video, but I can record a vimeo video. I wonder if there is something with what tube uses and vimeo uses. I'm not a techie for sure, but there was a time, and a long one where I had no problem recording utube files. Any ideas?
  21. bohalloran

    Web Video Capturing Issues

    This seems to be the case in Toast 11 as well as toast 10. I have not upgraded to toast 11. I found out that if I recorded a web video clip and I deleted it in the web video media browser and then later tried to record it, it wouldn't show up. So I started just leaving them in the media browser and all was well. I have no idea why it will not allow you to record something that you had already done before. Maybe it has something to do with how toast stores info in some obscure file. Hope this helps.
  22. bohalloran

    Spin Doctor X = Trash

    See the post here for a FREE very viable alternative to CDSD. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/81191-spin-doctor-doesnt-work/
  23. bohalloran

    Toast 11 Issues And Updates

    Wow, I didn't realize that Roxio was sold by Digital River to Corel. I hope this is a good move for Roxio.
  24. bohalloran

    Cd Spin Doctor Itunes Transfer Issue

    Try Audacity 2.0 out. It's free and been around a long time. Just be aware of the system requirement.
  25. bohalloran

    Spin Doctor Doesn't Work

    I just read an article about Audacity 2.0 for OS X and that it is FREE!! I d/l it and it seems to work as an even better app than Sound Saver which I have used as an alternative to CDSD. Just note the systedm requirements!! It may not work on older Mac OS's and non intel Macs. Hey, its' free and well supported and been around for a long time. So try it out.