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    Web Video Via Media Browser

    Medi, Well, I guess its another reason I haven't upgraded to Toast 11. I am actually using Toast 10.0.9, not 11. I must say that when I originally posted this I unwittingly did so in the wrong forum. It should have been posted in the toast 10 forum since that is the version I am using and was having problems with. I have put a post in the correct forum. Anyway, I am using 10.0.9 with the latest version of flash and OS X 10.6.8 snow leopard, not lion. If you are able to d/l toast 10.0.9, you might do that and see what happens. I have had no issues using since updating toast from 10.0.8 to 10.0.9. The media browser now works as it should. Hope this helps.
  2. bohalloran

    Web Video Via Media Browser

    Its been so long since I have used Toast. Always in the past if I wanted to record a utube video, I'd open Toast (10.0.8) select the convert tab, video files, then click on the media browser which opens the media browser window, then select web video and there would be an image of the utube video, or other compatible video. When I do this now, nothing shows up in the media browser. Has there been a change in utube so you can no longer do this? I have tried it with many different utube videos and the result is the same. I have also tried 10.0.2 with the same results. I feel a bit out of touch. I am running 10.6.8 0n a MBP. Thanks, Bob ps. I just tried the same utube videos on my PPC using 10.0.8 and 10.0.2 with leopard 10.5.8. Everything works as expected. So what's up with snow leopard 10.6.8 and toast 10.0.8 or 10.0.2 using the media browser to record utube videos??
  3. bohalloran

    Online Ordering Not Working

    I'm trying to d/l toast 11 pro, I currently have toast 10 pro and I go thru the various windows to complete the online process and get to the verify order window and all seems correct, so I click on the continue button and it does not advance, it only brings me back to the verify order widow. There are TWO continue buttons and I have tried both and get the same results. What's up with the d/l order process. When I click on the my cart window it does show the order there.
  4. bohalloran

    Online Ordering Not Working

    Hmmm, not sure what the outcome was, as it ended up, I have not upgraded to Toast 11, but instead have stayed with toast 10 based on all the initial issues with toast 11. Haven't missed anything that toast 11 has that is not in toast 10.
  5. bohalloran

    Tivo Transfer Issues

    This link may be of help for folks who are having Tivo transfer issues: http://rovicorp.force.com/PublicKB1/articles/Roxio_Article/Snow-Leopard-Compatibility-with-Roxio-products?retURL=%2Fapex%2FknowledgeSearch%3Fc%3DRoxio%26lang%3Den_US%26k%3DSnow%2BLeopard%2BCompatibility%2Bwith%2BRoxio%2Bproducts&popup=false&lang=en_US
  6. bohalloran

    Tivo Transfer Link

    This link may be of help for folks who are having Tivo transfer issues: http://rovicorp.force.com/PublicKB1/articles/Roxio_Article/Snow-Leopard-Compatibility-with-Roxio-products?retURL=%2Fapex%2FknowledgeSearch%3Fc%3DRoxio%26lang%3Den_US%26k%3DSnow%2BLeopard%2BCompatibility%2Bwith%2BRoxio%2Bproducts&popup=false&lang=en_US
  7. bohalloran

    Software Updates

    Its' back put there so you may want to try this one and see what happens. http://rovicorp.force.com/PublicKB1/articles/Roxio_Article/Snow-Leopard-Compatibility-with-Roxio-products?retURL=%2Fapex%2FknowledgeSearch%3Fc%3DRoxio%26lang%3Den_US%26k%3DSnow%2BLeopard%2BCompatibility%2Bwith%2BRoxio%2Bproducts&popup=false&lang=en_US
  8. bohalloran

    No Toast 10 Updates?

    I noticed today that it is again listed as a d/l. You may want to try this one.
  9. bohalloran

    Toast Video Player Has Expired

    Here is a lin k that may help those with tivo transfer problems: http://rovicorp.force.com/PublicKB1/articles/Roxio_Article/Snow-Leopard-Compatibility-with-Roxio-products?retURL=%2Fapex%2FknowledgeSearch%3Fc%3DRoxio%26lang%3Den_US%26k%3DSnow%2BLeopard%2BCompatibility%2Bwith%2BRoxio%2Bproducts&popup=false&lang=en_US
  10. Is this link helpful to those who have problems with the Tivo transfer? http://rovicorp.force.com/PublicKB1/articles/Roxio_Article/Snow-Leopard-Compatibility-with-Roxio-products?retURL=%2Fapex%2FknowledgeSearch%3Fc%3DRoxio%26lang%3Den_US%26k%3DSnow%2BLeopard%2BCompatibility%2Bwith%2BRoxio%2Bproducts&popup=false&lang=en_US
  11. bohalloran

    Web Video Via Media Browser

    Really wired. I just found version 10.0.9 on the Roxio support site, so somehow they must have put it back up there. I d/l it and lo and behold, the media browser works!!! So now running 10.0.9 with with mac 10.6.8. Interestingly doing a get info on the toast icon says 10.0.9 (569) with a date of 11/7/2011. This is also with the latest version of flash!! Hope it continues.
  12. bohalloran

    Web Video Via Media Browser

    Thanks for the reply. I can verify that Flash is the culprit. I found version mac here: http://mac.oldapps.com/flash_player.php?old_flash_player=13 It also has links for other versions as well. Interestingly I tried the following versions as well: Flash Player (Intel) (6.08 MB) Flash Player (Intel) (6.07 MB) Flash Player (Intel) (5.54 MB) None of them worked. So it seems as though Roxio has not updated Toast to keep up with changes in Flash since version which is almost a year old and both OS X and Safari and Firefox are using the newest version of Flash. Other browsers may have moved on to incorporate newer versions of Flash as well. I know that this is simply another example of one sw company making a change and others that use that sw having to update theirs, but the alternative is for people to have various versions of sw that may or may not work and no way to know what is causing issues or know how to trouble shoot. So thanks again for the time you took to find the problem and a solution. I just wish that Roxio was much more proactive in fixing bugs and keeping their products up to date and informing their customers of the same. I can't say that I remember getting any notice of major changes to Toast from Roxio. It has only been me checking in this fourm that I find things out. Bob
  13. bohalloran

    Web Video Via Media Browser

    Thanks for the help Tsantee. I haven't used Toast in a awhile and upgraded from leopard to snow leopard a while back. Just tried Toast yesterday and lo and behold recording using the media browser doesn't work. I've held off upgrading to lion and toast 11 based on so many issues. I guess snow leopard broke parts of toast 10 so it requires toast 11. Boy what a mess! I just wish that Roxio would be a bit more forthright and forthcoming about what works and what doesn't work in toast across the various versions of the os. At least a person would be better informed about what's going on and what to trouble shoot. Thanks again, Bob
  14. bohalloran

    Web Video Via Media Browser

    Gosh, haven't heard a response, could someone with os X 10.6.8 and toast 10.0.8 check to see if they are able to record a utube video using the media browser or if they experience the same thing I do. Any suggestions as to what may be causing the problem and how to fix it. Thanks, Bob
  15. bohalloran

    Spin Doctor Problems

    You and others will not be disappointed with Sond Saver as an alternative to SD. While the window is not full screen, it is large enough for me, just the reliability factor wins me over. Just wish that it could be a replacement for SD by Digital River.
  16. bohalloran

    Spin Doctor Problems

    It has been quite a while since I last posted, but I have had similar issues with CDSD over the years. I finally gave up through frustration. It is sad to me that Digital River has reduced the Mac support to the extent that it is today. Not knocking the current Toast developers, I'm sure that if they could fix everything, they would, but they can't so what is, simply is. Due to the many criticisms that CDSD has generated over the years, I wish that Digital River would simply eliminate CDSD and move to Soundsaver. A product much like CDSD but supported very well by Bias. Here is a link to the product: http://www.bias-inc.com/products/soundSaver/ It costs $49.95, a bit pricey, but Bias provides excellent Mac support IMHO. It may be a bit to much for many, but at least it works and interfaces well with Mac s/w and appears to do all that CDSD does plus.
  17. I looked at the various info on the new version of toast and while it says that video boost works on certain nvidia cards, I can't find info and which ones are supported. Anyone know about this?
  18. bohalloran

    How Do I Install Titanium Pro Blu-Ray Plug-In?

    You should be able to double click on the blu-ray plugin icon and it should open and walk you thru the steps. One of those steps is to enter your cd key. Once done, it should install itself. Make sure that the Toast app is not open. After installing, open toast and click on the dvd tab. You should see blu-ray listed as one of the tabs. That is how you know that the plugin is installed.
  19. bohalloran

    Iphoto Not Displaying

    You may want to also rebuild your iphoto library. You do that by holding down the option and command keys while clicking on the iphoto icon in the dock.
  20. bohalloran

    Chapter Markers Where I Want Them

    While I don't use FCP, I do use iMovie. My guess is that Toast will treat chapter markers the same regardless of which app was used to create them. At any rate, when I drag the imovie file into Toast and create a disc image, the chapter markers do show up. HOWEVER, the text that was used in FCP for the titles to the chapter markers does not show up. This is due to differences between iMovie and toast. So if you create 5 chapter markers in FCP and create a disc image in toast, they should be there, but w/o the titles. There should be an image (total of five in this example) for each chapters marker. Hope this helps.
  21. bohalloran

    Custom Dvd Menus

    Well, I do know that you cannot change the fonts of an image that you import into toast. Toast doesn't have the editing ability t do that. So it seems to me that you may have to do trial and error with photoshop to fix it. I sure don't know anything about photoshop.
  22. bohalloran

    Text For Menu Not Showing Up

    Not sure why your only getting one line of text, but here is how I do it. 1. Select the video tab on the top left. 2. Drag in the video file into the Toast window. That should show up in the text window. 3. Click one time on the video and select edit. 4. That should open a window that has a text and video tab. Select text. 5. That should open a window that contains three lines of text which you can edit. 6. Once finished click done. That should then include the three lines of text in the encoding process. If that doesn't work, I don't know what is happening. As to using/installing toast 9, you can do that and have both toast versions. Hope this helps.
  23. bohalloran

    Text For Menu Not Showing Up

    Hmm, See the actual link below. It clearly indicates that it is Toast_Ti_1002. Don't know why it doesn't work for you. If you copy the link below into your browser, it will bring you to the Roxio Toast updates page, but if you actually click one time on the link I listed above, it should automatically start d/l the 1002 version, which is a zip file. Let me know http://softwareupdates.roxio.com/gm/ja_updates/toast/Toast_Ti_1002_539_Updater.zip
  24. bohalloran

    Text For Menu Not Showing Up

    Try this link: http://softwareupdates.roxio.com/gm/ja_updates/toast/Toast_Ti_1002_539_Updater.zip It still appears to work. let me know!
  25. bohalloran

    Toast 10.0.2 Chapter Markers From Qt Mov To Bd-R

    PPC processors (properly configured) and BD as implemented in Toast do not mix and match very well. My understanding is that fixes to Toast past 10.0.2 were really meant for intel macs only. So if there were problems with Toast and BD technology, and there were, those fixes were made to accommodate intel macs. The PPC models seem to have fallen to the wayside. But one can always hope. I'm doubly sure that the next version of Toast will be intel mac only and probably require snow leopard. Just my opinion.