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  1. Try this: 1. Trash the existing toast plist file. 2. Go tot the following link d/l the file and run the installer. http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/software_updatesv10.html
  2. bohalloran

    Roxio Update - File Not Found

    Try this, it worked for me. I just d/l it two minutes ago: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/software_updatesv10.html
  3. bohalloran

    What The ?- Where's The Download?

    Try this link: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/software_updatesv10.html scroll down to where Jonatsonic says "here".
  4. bohalloran

    Toast 10.7 Pre-Release Message

    Here, here!! Same here. I checked my registered s/w with Roxio and it does list 10.0 pro as registered. When I open 10.0.2, I do not get the message, only 10.0.7. Hope it gets fixed soon. I'm wondering what is going on with Toast 10 since there have been no new versions in quite a while. Hope it does not portend of things.
  5. bohalloran

    Encode Settings

    When I select the DVD-Video tab/options/more/encoding, there is only one video format showing up which is MPEG-2. Should not there be others? If so, what's up with this. This is the case with both 10.0.2 and 10.0.7 This is on a PM G5 with 10.5.8 Thanks,
  6. bohalloran

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    Here are three responses I received from Roxio in refunding me my purchase of both Toast and Popcorn after having the same experience as others in trying to resolve the missing text issue. One has a phone number which you may want to try. Note that the credits were applied to my credit card which was fine to me. Note also that they were sent from: sonicstorecs@digitalriver.com 1. Dear Bob The funds will be transferred back to your credit card. If you have a query regarding the time frame of these transactions please contact Digital River directly at 952-646-5132. No further action is required of you. You may continue using your software within any limitations you might encounter, but we cannot provide any technical support anymore. Regards, Roxio Customer Care http://support.roxio.com Your feedback (good or bad) helps us improve our service and, of course, a pat on the back is always welcome. ;-) Please click the survey link below to let us know how we are doing. Take the survey! 2. A refund has been generated for your order as a result of your request, the fulfiller's request, incorrect address, or a refused shipment. Refund details: Order ID: Amount: $99.99 If you have further questions regarding your order, please click on the link below for assistance: http://www.findmyorder.com/roxio'>http://www.findmyorder.com/roxio Please note: This e-mail message was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message. Sincerely, Customer Service 3. Dear Bob O'Halloran: A refund has been generated for your order as a result of your request, the fulfiller's request, incorrect address, or a refused shipment. Refund details: Order ID: Amount: $29.99 If you have further questions regarding your order, please click on the link below for assistance: http://www.findmyorder.com/roxio Please note: This e-mail message was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message. Sincerely, Customer Service
  7. bohalloran

    Whoa! 10.0.7 on a PPC Does Chapters!

    Well, I hope I'm not dreaming, but I was using 10.0.2 on my properly configured PPC G5 with Leopard to burn an imovie file (saved as disc image) and I decided that I would once again see if the latest version (10.0.7) would work. So I deleted the imovie file, deleted the toast 10.0.2 version of the encoded file along with the disc image and started from scratch with the same avi file in imovie, created three chapters in imovie, saved the file as dv. Opened toast 10.0.7, selected video tab, dvd-video button, dragged the imovie file into the toast window, (toast lists the file as an mpeg-2 dolby digital file) selected include scene menus for video under the more, menus button, and clicked on save as disc image. Once the file was created, I opened DVD player and whata ya know, the chapter markers that I created in imovie were there!! How about that!!! Now I have done this three separate times and its' worked each time!! Can anyone else verify this? Remember, you need to be using a properly configured PM G4/5 with leopard, and toast 10.0.7. Hope it is actually fixed for all.
  8. bohalloran

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    See my post here for update: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/65521-whoa-1007-on-a-ppc-does-chapters/
  9. bohalloran

    Light Zone

    Hey, thanks for the link! I had the original Roxio download which is 3.6.1.
  10. bohalloran

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    Yes, please do. That would be great. What would be the greatest is if it could be fixed. That would end it all. If not, at least putting a permanent message at the top of the forum that contains the following: 1. A link to 10.0.2 at Roxio. 2. A note indicating that this is a known issue for PPC users that has no fix, so using 10.0.2 is the best available option.. I do hope you are more successful than I in trying to get this issue resolved. My ticket was opened on 12/19/09 and closed on 01/28/10. It had 14 responses from 9 different tech support people and included SP info and a screen shot just as yours. It appeared to me that several of the posts from tech support didn't pay much attention to previous posts as they restated the same steps over and over. Maybe you will get through that. let's all hope.
  11. bohalloran

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    Good luck with your efforts. I hope your results will be different than mine. I did exactly what you are doing and basically got bounced around from one support person to another. I was never able to determine if it ever was elevated to a more knowledgeable tech support person. All the responses were almost the same with different names for the tech support person. Somehow after about 2-3 weeks of tech support I was given a refund, which was not what I wanted or cared about. I was also told that there would be no further support for me for this problem. So, I am left to believing that any support for Roxio products on the PPC platform is non-existent. Again, IMHO. I would seriously doubt that any future Roxio products will work on a PPC. This isn't unreasonable to me, but what is a bit unnerving is that the product was sold as being compatible with certain PPC macs and it reached a point in the update process that in order to have toast work with intel macs, code was written so that it works with intel macs, but in the process of doing that it broke several components on the ppc side that are not fixable. Again, IMHO. If this is the case, I think Roxio has an obligation to inform its customers. by intel mac, I mean specifically running snow leopard.
  12. bohalloran

    No relief from -18771 error with 10.0.7

    I agree completely. What I would like is for Roxio to come out with what will/will not work on the PPC (G4/G5) platform when using toast 10.0.x. I have reason to believe that since Roxio has publically maintained that a properly configured G4 or G5 will run Toast 10.0.x and there are many issues that continue from one version of toast to another, it is difficult to clearly know if the problem is caused by the platform and that if one were using an itel mac it would not be an issue. I also agree that there is very little feedback from Roxio about known issues that are being worked for resolution. Knowing that would be of enormous help for those who don't understand what the problem is.
  13. bohalloran

    Menu styles

    The menu formats are pretty much set in stone. Each is a Photoshop image created by Roxio as part of toast.
  14. bohalloran

    Missing HD blu-ray plug-in from Toast Titanium offer

    Hmm, 1. I did say that I may be wrong! 2. FYI, Toast, both versions is a MAC only product. As you can see in bold letters it says "DO MORE ON YOUR MAC". 3. I agree that the ad does say that there is a free plugin, note however that the ad is from Parallels, not Roxio, though it certainly looks like a Roxio ad. 4. I certainly hope that the poster gets a break from Roxio. Also, you ought to heed your own advice about reading things. If you did you would know that toast is a Mac only product and will not run on a PC.
  15. bohalloran

    Missing HD blu-ray plug-in from Toast Titanium offer

    I may be wrong, but the screen shot shows a picture of "Toast 10 Titanium" which does not include the plugin. In order to get the plugin for free, you need to purchase "Toast 10 Titanium Pro" which does give a link and code for a separate d/l for the plugin. Check out this link for the differences between Toast 10 Titanium and Toast 10 Titanium Pro. Forgot to mention that the Pro version also includes several other fine programs that may or may not be of interest. At any rate the plugin only comes with the pro version> http://www.roxio.com/enu/default.html
  16. bohalloran

    Convert Button hangs toast

    Have no idea why this is happening, but every time I click on the convert button, toast hangs. the other buttons work as expected. I have trashed both the toast and roxio preferences files and that does not clear the problem. Is there somerthing else? Thanks, Well, lo and behold, it also hangs when using Popcorn 4.0.2. I've even trashed toast/popcorn and reinstalled and the same problem. The other buttons in both apps appear to function properly, its only the convert button that causes the app to hang. Please help.
  17. bohalloran

    Convert Button hangs toast

    Not sure of what to do or if it's yet another case of toast 10 getting broken on PPC G5's with 10.5.8. I'm using toast 10.0.2, ran permission repair, disk warrior and tried again and again with both toast and Popcorn, 4.0.2. still had the same problems. Then I reverted back to 4.0, don't have 4.0.1. After many tries of various things, toast 10.0.2 still crashes. Using toast 10.0.2 on a PPC G5 steps are: Convert button/video files/click on gear button/select export type/media browser/dvd/select clips/highlight clips/drag to toast window/close media browser/highlight clip in toast window/click on edit button/click on edit button again/toast video player opens and I get a black window and then the spinning beach ball and then toast video player quits. This also happens if I click on the extract button instead of clicking on the edit button twice. Maybe there is something with toast video player that gets hung up. If I use Popcorn 4.0 on my PPC G5, it appears to work as expected except that toast media player DOES NOT open. Though a window does open which allows me to to edit the clip. Steps are: click on convert tab/video files/media browser/dvd/select clips/drag clips to toast window/ the window opens with the video in the top half of the window and the editing line in the bottom half (this is NOT toast media player). Using the markers to select what you want and then clicking the red button converts the video. As a follow on, using the same external dvd drive (panosonic DVR 105), same dvd for extraction and the same clips, both toast 10.0.4 and 10.0.6 and Popcorn 4.0 work perfectly on my MBP. Also, on the PPC G5 and using Popcorn, toast media player DOES NOT open though a window does open so you can edit the clip. Not sure why that is. Using Popcorn on my MBP DOES OPEN toast media player. I can either click on the extract button or click on the edit button twice to open toast media player. So to me there is something up with toast media player and how well it works or does not work on a PPC machine.
  18. bohalloran

    No text in DVD-menu

    Toast 10.0.2 is what you need if you are using a PPC G5 with leopard. In order to fix issues with toast and snow leopard, any version of toast after 10.0.2 is broken on a PPC G5.
  19. bohalloran

    4.0.2 Update

    Any word? http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/25171 Thanks,
  20. bohalloran

    10.0.6a? Any word?

    Check this out http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/11427 Anyone got the latest? Thanks,
  21. bohalloran

    10.0.6a? Any word?

    Hmm, I find it curious that an update is available from sites other than Roxio. Also curious is the fact that Roxio has not listed anything about an update from its' own site to its' ,users. Also curious that it appears to install w/o any change in the version number. So how is one to know which version one is actually running. Seems like it would be most helpful to hear from Roxio about this.
  22. bohalloran

    4.0.2 Update

    Any noticeable changes other than what is listed?
  23. bohalloran

    10.0.6a? Any word?

    See below comments from versiontracker. What's new in this version: Notes not found for difference between 10.0.6 and 10.0.6a: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/ver..._history10.html Not sure where versiontracker got the update. See comment below.
  24. bohalloran

    OT: recommendations for film transfer

    I know you said that you would do it yourself because of the age of some of the film, but I would at least suggest that you check out homemoviedepot.com and see what the possibilities are. I had several 8mm rolls of film from the late forties and they did a really great job. My biggest worry was sending them to there in the mail, but everything went well. You can talk to the tech folks and see what they would suggest. They are very reasonable for that type of conversion. I did a lot of research about trying to do it yourself and there were hardly any good stories. So much had to do with trying to record off a screen onto a vid camera, the angle issues, quality, etc. They have the best equipment available, they do a fantastic job of cleaning the repairing the film before converting and they allow you to review and select the actual video you want before they convert via an online edit. They also have many options for the output format you want.
  25. bohalloran

    dvd menu & 10.0.6

    Has anyone tried the 10.0.6 update to see if it fixed the dreaded blank dvd menu screen bug? Need to check it on the PPC platform running leopard, either a G5 or properly configured G4. It does not appear to be a problem with intel macs. Thanks,