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    Major problems installing Cd Spin Doctor 6

    I use the default settings. Haven't tried others. But then I also use "save copy as" instead of "save" or "save as".
  2. bohalloran

    Major problems installing Cd Spin Doctor 6

    If you do a "save copy as", it should work. tsantee's point that if you want to choose "save" you must do it in this fashion: 1. Open CDSD. 2. Start playing your audio file. 3. Start recording it in CDSD. 4. Stop recording. 5. Create one track. 6. Do a "save as" and name your file. Step 6 above removes the one track you created and creates a scratch file. 7. Now perform all edits as you choose, create your tracks and do a save. 8. Quit CDSD. 9. Reopen CDSD. 10. Open the file that you saved. All tracks should be there. While this does work, to me it is so unmac like. It's like opening Word, having to type one sentence, do a save as, the sentence disappears, then start typing and do a save and you have your document. Its' a work around to me, but it does work. Now if you do a "save copy as" you don't need all that. Good luck. Hope it works. What type mac are you using, what version os?
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    D/L Toast 10.0.3 Update CDSD Install Error

    I just d/l the Toast 10.0.3 update and ran the install for Toast, that seemed to install fine but I haven't tried it on anything yet. When I double clicked on the CDSD app and went through the install, it ran and was installing "cdsdaudiocapturesupport" and then I got this message: "The following install step failed: run postupgrade script for cdsdaudiocapturesupport. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance." I have no idea what this means. I am on a MBP with 10.5.8. Patrick/Ivan I hope you see this and can inform me as to what this means. Is anyone else having this issue? Bob ps I sure wish that there was a way to include an attachment of the error.
  4. bohalloran

    D/L Toast 10.0.3 Update CDSD Install Error

    Okay, so I have spent several hours testing cdsd on both my PM G5 and my MBP. The results differ on both machines, some issues are common to both. Note that both macs are running 10.5.8 with all software updates. First, I did repair permissions on my PM G5 and that did allow the cdsdaudiocapturesupport to be installed successfully. After 3 tries of installing it on my MBP, it installed successfully. I didn't do a repair permissions on the MBP. For whatever reason, it just installed successfully. Don't know if this is significant or not. The Start audio music capture does not work at all on my PM G5. I'll start audio playing in QT, click on the audio capture button, it says that it is capturing and the time changes, when I click stop recording, nothing happens. It just sits there, all I can do is quit. Start audio music capture does work on my MBP. After clicking on stop recording, cdsd opens up, I set some tracks and do save or save as and it will save the file. When I go back to cdsd and click on open existing audio file and select that file, cdsd opens the file but lacks the tracks that were saved previously. This result also happens on my MBP when selecting advanced mode. It does not retain the tracks after doing a save or save as and reopening the file. Now if I do a save copy as, then the tracks are saved and reopening the file they are still there. So, doing a save or save as on my PM G5 results in corrupted files that cannot be reopened (they have the cdsd icon). Doing a save or save as on my MBP does save the files (with an audio file icon), but reopening them results in the tracks not being there. I don't understand why doing a save/save as will result in the icon showing up differently on the macs. The only type of save that works as it should on either mac is save copy as. I don't understand this, but that is the result. This also has been a long standing problem. When selecting advanced, cdsd system audio capture on my PM G5 is spotty at best. Sometimes it shows up, others times not I do not understand this. It will show up on my PM G5 as an input device all the time if I select the assistant mode. The assistant mode is reliable for recording, setting tracks and doing a save copy as. It will show up as an audio file, I do not understand why there is a difference between the two macs, this has been an ongoing problem for me on my PM G5 for well over a year. The only way I have been able to use cdsd on my PM G5 is to select assistant mode and do a save copy as. That works but who really wants to use assistant mode and be limited to one type of save mode. Using advanced mode on my MBP works much better. cdsd system audio capture does show up, recording works, setting tracks and doing a save copy as works and the file will reopen with the tracks intact. So I don't know what would cause it to work on one and not the other given that they are running the same os version. So to me the issues I have are save, save as on both macs, doing that on my PM G5 results in corrupted cdsd files that cannot be reopened, doing it on my MBP results in a file (audio icon, not cdsd icon) that can be reopened but the tracks not being saved, save copy as does work on both macs, cdsd system audio capture spotty on the PM G5 in advanced mode, start audio system capture does not work at all on the PM G5.
  5. bohalloran

    D/L Toast 10.0.3 Update CDSD Install Error

    Patrick, I tried installing the update on my PM G5 and got the very same error message. Also, and this is strange behavior for my macs, the d/l took much longer than usual, over 47 minutes, also stuft expander took very long time to expand the d/l and also copying the folder to my mac took longer. Not sure why all this is happening, but my is 6mgbits. Bob
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    Toast 10.0.2, Spin Doctor 6.0.2t Update Available

    I downloaded this version and did a get info on CD spin doctor and it shows 6.0.2 not 6.0.2t.
  7. bohalloran

    Toast 10 Update Does Not Fix Cdsd Issues

    I give up!! I did the update to Toast 10 in the hopes that the fixes as stated in the update would fix the problems I have had with CDSD 6.0.1. It didn't. I still have the very same problems. I have two Macs and have the very same problems on both Macs (PM G5 and MBP). Both run 10.5.6, all updates current, using Toast 10.0.1, CDSD 6.0.1. I noticed that the latest version update for Toast keeps CDSD at 6.0.1 which was the current version before the 10.0.1 update. Here are the steps I used: 1. Downloaded update. 2. Trashed all preferences for Toast and CDSD. 3. Installed update, which basically installed all Toast apps. Toast now 10.0.1, CDSD still 6.0.1. 4. Ran Toast and went through registration, etc. 5. Opened itunes, selected a song and started it playing. 6. Opened CDSD, Tried start audio music capture, I get an immediate click sound then nothing happened. 7. Clicked on start new recording, select advanced, select CDSD system audio capture as the input device, click on the red record button. Things appear to go as expected, green recording light blinks, record time moves along, I play three songs and stop recording. Click OK, window opens creating the waveform, create three tracks, one for each song, select save (DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SELECT SAVE AS, AS IT WILL CREATE A FILE, BUT AFTER IT DOES YOU'LL HEAR A SOUND AND WHEN YOU CLOSE CDSD, GO TO THE FILE AND DOUBLE CLICK ON IT NOTHING HAPPENS!!!, IT CORRUPTS THE FILE) so do a save and it does save the file. When you close CDSD, go to the file and double click on it, it opens, but does not contain the tracks and it only had 33 seconds of the first track. 8. I then tried doing the above, only instead of selecting advanced, I chose continue instead of advanced and still got crappy results. I have no idea what is causing these kinds of problems, but these problems did not occur for me prior to the release of Toast 10, (other than I could not select advanced and get good results), so I always clicked on continue and used the basic setup w/o problems. Roxio/Toast/Deepsea et. al. should be ashamed for releasing such a flawed app and then take soooooooo long for an update and not provide any responses to the users as to what is happening and then finally post an update where one still continues to get the same bugs. At this point I think Roxio needs to seriously consider dropping CDSD altogether and either find a suitable replacement or forget it. As it is now, all CDSD is doing for Roxio is turning people off about the product.
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    Toast 10 Update Does Not Fix Cdsd Issues

    I know that. I assumed, (I know what can happen here), that with the below listed fixes in Toast, that the issues with CDSD might just go away. Obviously they did not. I'm not a teckie, just a simple user so I was wrong. If some people can use CDSD successfully and others can't, it seems to me that there must be something that is offending CDSD or that something in Toast/CDSD is offending something else. Like a preference, or a plugin, or something in QT or an audio file. I don't know. All I know is that it worked fairly well previously and now with the upgrade to Toast 10, it does not. Also, the fact that no one from Roxio posts a known issues link or gives some feedback is really very sorry support. Here is what the update lists as fixes: Improved handling of AIFF audio files Resolves issue where some users may be unable to add audio to Music DVD project Resolves issue where creating Audiobook project may result in –35 error Resolves issue where users may be unable to remove video from appearing in the Web Video Media Browser view Resolves issue that may occur when creating disc images so that users are not prompted for additional information Resolves crash that may occur when opening audio projects saved in a previous version of Toast Audiobook projects will be split automatically if they become larger than iTunes is able to play back AVCHD Archive discs created from memory card-based cameras should now play correctly on Blu-ray players
  9. bohalloran

    Cd Spin Dr 6 Refuses To Record

    Well, I did as you and deleted all my .plist files and tried again and still have the following problems: 1. If I click on record instantly, I get nothing. before I had deleted the .plist file, I would get another window with the same three options. Repeated attempts just opened more windows. 2. If i selected advanced, I would not get the meters to recognize the audio that was playing. (an itunes song from my itunes library). 3. If I clicked on start a new recording and went thru the steps, I was able to record audio, select and create tracks and save the file. However, if i tried to reopen that file, CDSD did not allow it to open. Before I had deleted the .plist files, when I did a save as, CDSD would first delete the tracks I created, mute the sound, then save the file. When I would try to reopen that file, it would open it, but there would be no tracks there. I don't know if this has anything to do with what CDSD is doing, but here is a list of the files that are in my library/QT folder: AC3 Codec.component AlchemyTV.component AppleIntermediateCodec.component AppleMPEG2Codec.component CanonMJPEGAVI.component CanonMJPEGAVIDec.component CanonText.component DesktopVideoOut.component DivX 6 Decoder.component DivX Decoder.component DivX Encoder.component DVCPROHDCodec.component DVCPROHDMuxer.component DVCPROHDVideoDigitizer.component DVCPROHDVideoOutput.component DVCPROHDVideoOutputClock.component DVCPROHDVideoOutputCodec.component FCP Uncompressed 422.component Flip4Mac WMV Advanced.component Flip4Mac WMV Export.component Flip4Mac WMV Import.component LiveType.component TSCC.component Could any of these be causing a problem, or is something not there that needs to be. As it stands, I can't use CDSD for anything. Please help. Thanks, Bob
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    Going Back To Nero

    Im guessing that he posted it in the wrong forum. Was in Toast, needed to be elsewhere
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    Cd Spin Dr 6 Refuses To Record

    There appears to be many problems with the latest version of CDSD. I have posted problems with using it and it appears that for me the use of CDSD gets mixed reviews at best. This applies to both using the advanced tab and going thru the assistant. My problems are identified in posts relating to recordings stopping (the timer stops) at intermittent times even though the green recording is still blinking and the meters still indicating sound. When done, the actual amount recorded is what the timer showed. Also trying the third option for recordings did nothing. The source of my audio is either utube videos or itunes songs that are in my itunes library. I would say that if I use the assistant it works successfully about 60% of the time. If i use the advanced tab, it works about 30% of the time. Also noted is that when I do get a successful recording and so a save as and select aac, I get poor results. This happens almost always when I use the advanced tab, when I use the assistant the results are a small bit better. Again, when I reopen that file I saved, many times it would open and have the audio on the waveform, but will ignore the tracks that I setup. I did find out that if you record audio, you MUST SET AT LEAST ONE track BEFORE you SAVE. If you do not, then CDSD saves the file, but w/o audio on the wave form. I would caution anyone using CDSD that it has serious intermittent flaws, is not ready for prime time and not to be used if you are doing production work and are relying on CDSD to be dependable. Hopefully, There will be enough posts that a fix will be posted.
  12. bohalloran

    Convert Audio Files

    Okay, I must be brain dead, but I can't remember how to convert audio files (currently mp3's) into aiff files and save them to folder on my hd. The manual says: 1 At the left side of the Toast window, click Convert and choose Audio Files. 2 Add audio files to the project by dragging and dropping them into the Content Area from your hard disk or the Media Browser. 3 Add any audio effects of crossfade effects you like would applied to your audio export. 4 Click the red Record button. 5 Choose one of the available conversion format. Well, I can't find anything on the lrft side of the Toast window that says convert. I have selected all the tabs starting with data, audio, etc. There is nothing that indicates "convert". I know its simple to do and I've done it before, but it escapes me at the moment. I thought that at one time there was a "+" sign that you clicked. Thanks,
  13. bohalloran

    Convert Audio Files

    Worked perfectly. Thanks so much. Have a great day!
  14. bohalloran

    Cdsd Save As .m4a (aac) Problems

    Hi, In trying out the new version of CDSD in Toast 10, I've been successful in using the system capture feature but if try to save as .m4a, the file is saved, but when I try to reopen, there is nothing there, If I remember there were problems with saving in formats other than aiff. It does do the save as aiff fine. I was simply recording some utube videos (capturing the audio) as a test. Anybody been successful in saving as .m4a and been able to reopen the file with the data there?
  15. bohalloran

    Cdsd Save As .m4a (aac) Problems

    Well, the plot thickens as the saying goes. I did what you suggested by having at least one track before doing the save as m4a and that did work. However, I have found what I believe are other anomalies. That works only when I do the save as m4a first. If I do a save as aiff first and then do a save as m4a, that doesn't work. If I do a save as aiff, quit CDSD, go to the file and double click on it, or open CDSD and navigate to the file and select it and open it, it will open fine. Then if I do a save as m4a after having fist saved it as an aiff, it does not convert properly. What I get is an m4a file with nothing in it. Also, I have had mixed success with using the advanced button. This is even if I am only doing a normal record, not doing it for a specified time. Sometimes it will work as expect and other times it does not. When it doesn't work what happens is that it will look like it is recording, the green recording is blinking, but the recording time is not advancing, or it advances for a period of time, and then stops advancing even though the green recording is still blinking (the actual recording time is not always the same which means that it will record at varying times before it stops recording). The same and similar result occur when I do a timed record like, 5, 10, 15 minutes, etc. Now if I choose to use the assistant to do the setup, then all situations work swimmingly. Also, I noticed when I used the advanced button to setup the recording, several of the songs had cracking, or popping sounds in them (I am recording songs from my itunes library and I know there are no sounds in those songs) so I don't know what would be causing that to happen. If I use the assistant then this does not happen. I am always using the same songs and the same source (itunes library) to do the tests.
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    Cdsd Save As .m4a (aac) Problems

    Hi, Well, my result is similar to yours except that when I did the "save as", CDSD saved the file to where I wanted it as an m4a file and also converted the file in CDSD from aiff to m4a and also ignored the tracks, but removed the sound wave so it looks like a blank file with the converted m4a title. If I close CDSD, go to where the m4a file is stored and either double click on the file or open CDSD and navigate to the file and select it, it opens in CDSD as a blank m4a file. File I do a "send to itunes" with the aiff file open in CDSD, it does convert the file from aiff to m4a and sends it to itunes and I end up like you with two copies of the file in itunes, all tracks are there along with an aiff and an m4a version. Some how I am having two issues with the current version of CDSD and don't know what is causing them. 1. If I double click on the start auto capture button, I get a sound and nothing happens. Doing a start new recording and the selecting the "CDSD system audio capture" in the sound preferences does work as expected. 2. Doing a "save as" m4a under the file tab does not convert the file from aiff to m4a with the wave form and track names. doing a "send to itunes" that is set up to convert imported files as aac does work. This is not really helpful if you simply want to save the file as acc not in itunes. It appears to me that something is awry.
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    Cdsd Save As .m4a (aac) Problems

    Hi, After finishing my recording, creating tracks, naming them, etc I do a "save as" under the file tab and select MPEG4 (audio) .m4a. It seems to do a save, but when I go back and either double click on it or open it within CDSD, it opens a blank file. If I use the aiff format and save it, all is well when I open it. I have the same result when I click on the "start auto capture" button. I get an instant blink and sound from the mac and that's all. Like you, if I click on start new recording and make sure I select auto capture in the sound preferences, I can then set the time to stop, if desired and record. I remember in previous versions of Toast when it didn't play well with some QT audio plugins and it required a certain plugin to be in the QT folder to work and then it worked sometimes for me. I suppose I could set itunes to import as aac and that would take care of it.
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    When Can I Dl Toast 10 Pro?

    Wow, all I can say is that they must have fixed whatever was wrong because I just d/l the pro version about 1 hr ago and all was well. Bob
  19. bohalloran

    Problem With Toast 10 Downloadable

    Not sure if they fixed things that may not be working, but I was able to download the pro version w/o problems. It took about 45 min as it is almost 700mb.
  20. Hi, Not sure if this is your case, but I purchased my version by download. Th email I received from digital river contained all the serial numbers for all the apps that require them one of which is the plugin for blue ray/hd. Bob
  21. bohalloran

    System Requirements Question

    Also, The new version allows for d/l utube videos which would require an internet connection.
  22. After updating to 9.0.2, I noticed that there was no plugin to install. Is it correct to assume that the previously installed plugin is still there? Thanks, Bob
  23. bohalloran

    Toast 9 Plugin Still Valid After Update To 9.0.2?

    Okay, Thanks, Bob
  24. bohalloran

    Toast 8 adding noise to my audio

    Not sure how long this update has been available, but there is an 8.0.4 update on the updates page for d/l. Bob ps. You may want to d/l and see if it fixes the problems.
  25. bohalloran

    Build Differences: 9.0.1 (246) Vs. 9.0.1 (249)

    Once you log in, you can go to the updates tab and you should see all the s/w that you have registered with Roxio listed. You'll see one for Toast 9.0.1 which you can download. This of course assumes that you have registered your copy of Toast 9. If not you can register your current version of Toast 9 and once that is updated, the 9.0.1 update should appear. At least that's how it worked for me.