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  1. Yeah, I followed the clean install procedures and still no luck. Actually, now, Creator Classic now disappears shortly after I add the tracks to the project, I don't even have to start burning. The regular Roxio Easy Media Creator menu stays up though. I am not sure how to make an .iso image. I could not figure it out in any of the options. However, I was able to do this before it closed. Add tracks to my project > clicked on burn > clicked the option for "disc image file" which changes the burn option to "save as" > save as DiscImage.c2d > save it in location on my computer >>>> that finishes no problem. Is that what you are speaking of in regards to save image to hard drive? I'm not sure what that actually does, but it certainly did not put anything on the disc. Sorry for sounding very amateur at this, lol. I've been using Roxio for years to burn CDs, at a very basic level and it always worked for me. I guess it's a good time to learn from some fine folks here though, ha! Any suggestions for what to do next? Thanks again in advance.
  2. What if I looked into purchasing the latest version of Roxio? Would the newer version not have the problems I am having now? Thanks in advance. Allen
  3. @gi7omy I'll try that, thanks. I'll update here in the forums to let you and anyone else who has interest know what the result was. Any idea why the programs clash like that? Allen
  4. Windows Media Player 9 (or higher)? I don't use IE7, I use Firefox exclusively. However, IE is still on my computer. I just checked and it is Version 6.0.XXXX (somethin' somethin' somethin'). My WMP is version 10..and before that I probably did have version 9, or maybe not...but this didn't happen until these past few weeks and I've been able to burn some stuff while these versions were on my computer. Are you suggesting then to uninstall WMP10 and see if I can bump back down to WMP8 or something? I don't mind that cause I don't really use WMP all that much...I use Roxio more than that. Thanks for the help in advance...hopefully that'll be the answer I need. Please confirm. Allen
  5. This problem has never happened before and I find it kind of odd. I've used Roxio on several other computers as well and this isn't happened there either. Of course it might be something other folks have encountered before so that's why I am turning to the forums here. Maybe a Roxio tech support staffer might be able to help out too? Any help is much appreciated! First off, I am using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5, Windows XP, SP3 on a laptop. I can load up the regular menu with Music, Data, Photo, Video, DVD, Applications and Tools as the headers. When I go to "Create new audio CD" it lets me into the next step to select the specific files. I can get them all selected and get set to start burning. I've been able to get it to start burning, to varying degrees. It either burns for a minute or so then it disappears and I cannot open my disc drive to get the CD out...as if it is still burning. Or it will only allow it to start burning for a few seconds before it disappears. I tried uninstalling completely and then reinstalling. I thought that might have worked but it still did not. I am at a loss at this point. Again, any help is much appreciated. I'd be happy to answer any additional questions to help make troubleshooting easier. Allen