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  1. OK grm, thanks for reply. Please send along any info about a solution. I'll do the same. I'm considering uninstall and re-install but I think I'll see if chat support has any idea's of what might be going on with the trimmer.

  2. No EDcousinIT's, no solution as yet. GRM

  3. Hi, I'm having the same problem with video trimmer. I sent you a message, if you can find it here in the forums page.

  4. GRM wrote about the problem with the video trimmer. I'm usin creator 2009 and I'm having the same problem recently (in the past few weeks) were as the trimming worked fine last time I used it and now the trimmer window is black and wont play.

  5. EDcousinIT

    From: No Display In Video Trimmer

    I'm using creator 2009 and I'm having the same problem.