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  1. nolanscott

    Making A Dvd With Menu

    Have you tried with another media…? Or, save your file as Disc Image, then burn that file to DVD… Do you have Compressor 4 ? Apparently it is able to output to MPEG-2 files for creating HD or SD formats…
  2. nolanscott

    Usb Capture

    As far as I know “Easy VHS to DVD for Windows” is OS specific. I presume it won’t work on a Mac...
  3. nolanscott

    Toast 11 Video Encoding

    Regarding your size of about 2.3 GB, even without using VideoBoost... Converting shouldn’t take much longer than a few minutes... Do you have this problem generally or just with this particular file...? Otherwise try MPEG Streamclip (free) http://www.squared5.com/svideo/mpeg-streamclip-mac.html Regards Nolan
  4. nolanscott

    Purple Screen While Recording

    Well, I purchased exactly the same base version which included the “Capture Device” and the install disc with the “Easy VHS to DVD Capture.app”... (The disc is called “Roxio Video Capture USB for Mac”) After connecting the Capture Device with the VHS player to the mac The software updated itself to version 1.0.5 (5435)... This is the latest and most current version I am using... Just checked for updates... “Your software is up to date”... Not really sure where you got version 2.0.0 from...? I am running version 1.0.5 with OSX 10.7 (Lion) in 32 bit kernel without any problems... Regards Nolan
  5. nolanscott

    Dvd To Imovie

    To convert a DVD-Video disc 1 From the Assistant or the main Toast window, click Convert. 2 From the Assistant, double-click DVD Disc. From the main Toast window, choose DVD Disc from the format selection menu. 3 Select your source disc in the pull-down menu. A summary of the information that will be copied appears in the Content Area. 4 Click Options to select which individual movies, extras, and audio languages will be converted. See Changing Copy Options on page 126 for more information. 5 Click the red Convert button. 6 Choose the output format, device, or website for which video should be optimized. 7 Select a video quality level. 8 Video conversion can consume a large share of your computer’s resources. To schedule the conversion for a later time, click Schedule and set a time for the conversion. 9 Choose a location such as a folder on your hard disk or send the video directly to iTunes. 10 Click Convert to continue.
  6. nolanscott

    Dvd To Imovie

    Not really sure what your’e trying to do...? After you converted your DVD you should have an iMovie readable QuickTime Movie File on your hard-drive, in the location where you saved that file... Either play that movie with QuickTime or import it into iMovie and play it there... Regards Nolan
  7. nolanscott

    Adding Data Files.

    “Multi-session CDs: If you are making a data CD and would like to leave the disc “open” so you can record additional data sessions at a later time, click the Settings button at the bottom of the screen near the Eject button. Then click the Advanced tab and choose Write Session. You will be able to add data to this CD until you have exceeded its capacity or you choose Write Disc to “close” it. Each recording session will appear as a unique disc icon on your desktop. This is normal Mac OS behavior and is not controlled by Toast. You cannot make multi-session DVDs or Blu- ray discs.”
  8. nolanscott

    Dvd To Imovie

    In Toast 11 open the Convert Tab / from the drop-down choose DVD Disc... Your inserted disc should appear in the window below... Otherwise drag your disc-image into it... This works of course only with your own, or unprotected DVD’s... Click the Convert button / from the drop-down choose your iMovie readable codec, size and sound settings... Click Convert... Regards Nolan
  9. Try and restart you Mac in 32 bit kernel mode... Then reconnect Easy VHS again... http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/77204-vhs-to-dvd-on-mac/ Regards Nolan
  10. nolanscott

    Vhs To Dvd On Mac

    Disconnect Easy VHS from your Mac... Check if you’re actually in 32 bit mode ? Got to the Apple Logo / About This Mac / More Info... / System Report... / Software / 64-bit Kernel and Extensions: No / If it says Yes, Restart again while holding down the 3+2 keys / Check System report again... Reconnect Easy VHS again to your Mac... (Make sure all cables are properly connected) Regards Nolan
  11. nolanscott

    Vhs To Dvd On Mac

    Try this: Restart Lion in 32 bit mode (hold down the 3+2 key until you see the mac logo) Then connect Easy VHS again. Regards Nolan
  12. nolanscott

    Newbie Help With Lion :-(

    Make sure you have the newest Flash Player Plugin installed ( http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Regards Nolan
  13. nolanscott

    S-Video Will Not Work

  14. nolanscott

    S-Video Will Not Work

    Thank you very much for your reply, that solves the issue. Please find attached page 8 from the Getting Started Guide: Regards Nolan
  15. nolanscott

    S-Video Will Not Work

    Just got “Easy VHS to DVD Capture” a few days ago... Have already successfully captured and burned a few old VHS-Movies, using the Composite(RCA) Input connection. Using the S-Video Input playing a VHS, I have the same issue like “TahoeTommy”... seeing the blue “DVD Video-Logo” still image... but sound is playing... (seeing the DVD-Logo while playing VHS, there must be something...?) Using the S-Video Input playing a DVD, capture works perfectly. (using a Panasonic NV-VP32, which has both, a VHS and a DVD player) Looks like “Composite: is for capturing VHS, “S-Video” for capturing DVD...? Regards Nolan