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  1. dpdan

    Blu-Rays Not Working Right

    pathetic that nobody has helped you
  2. I just discovered a very stupid thing with Apple's DVD player.... you don't use the spacebar or the play button on the controls,, you must start playing with the center "ENTER" button IDIOTS!!!
  3. I made two standard definition DVD's with the built in drive in my five month old Mac Pro using Snow Leopard and Toast 11.0.4. The discs play back perfectly on a new Sony Blu-ray player, as well as a nine year old Sony DVD player. Neither disc will do anything in the Mac drive except show the menu of the disc. Odd that the same drive made the discs. Any ideas? anyone? anyone? anyone? Beuller? Dan
  4. I have now burned a number of Blu-ray discs successfully with 11.04 but now I try to make a disc image (as I always do first) so I select the VIDEO tab then "Blu-ray Video" in the upper left-hand corner and in the "Destination:" tab at the bottom I choose Disc Image. As soon as I drag the 15.5 GB Quicktime movie into Toast the Gauge at the lower left-hand corner indicates Toast needs 893.8 MB on 1 disc, but the meter pegs all the way to red. When I choose BD-DL the gauge shows an accurate measurement of data needed as a small amount of green, when I choose BD in the drop-down menu of the "Space Remaining" gauge it pegs to the red and will not produce a disc image. What the crap?
  5. dpdan

    Update To 11.0.4 Fails

    same here USA,, what an embarrassing completely inept company! I bought Toast 11 almost four months ago and I still have not received the 20.00 rebate. Now the rebate company says this.... Due to the overwhelming response to this promotion all the rebates submitted for this offer have been delayed since we process one rebate at a time. I understand that in the terms and conditions of the rebate we estimated a delivery time of 8-10 weeks from when the information is received but due to the response to this particular promotion the delivery time has been delayed. Please allow more time in order to receive your check, be aware that your check will come in the form of a postcard and not inside of an envelope. I truly apologize for this and I really thank you for your patience.
  6. dpdan

    Toast 11.0.3: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back!

    Hi Steve, I really expected that this update would be just another update that was still broke. I made a disc image first, then I was able to make a BluRay disc successfully, well almost. I am still not able to scan forward or backwards unless it is near the beginning. At least now my clients can finally get a BluRay disc of their projects. Dan
  7. Andrew, same crap here
  8. dpdan

    99% Issue Saving

    how many discs and days have you wasted so far? Dan
  9. dpdan

    Will Toast 11 Import H.264 Blu Ray Files?

    Keebler27, please save yourself a ton of stress, money and aggravation.... DO NOT BUY ANY ROXIO PRODUCTS! Toast 11 will import anything you want, it just won't be able to export it.
  10. dpdan

    99% Issue Saving

    that is my exact experience too except my movie was made with FCE4!
  11. same here..... I wish I could buy Toast 10 if it burns BluRay discs without 99% bull. I wish Roxio would pay me for my now 19 wasted blank BluRay discs. Dan
  12. dpdan

    Blu Ray Problem

    Hi Dave, I use Digital Performer 7.22 on my Mac Pro and you can import the movie into DP and then import the various audio files and then export the project as a surround mix. Toast will not combine these separate video and audio files for you. Dan
  13. dpdan

    Has The Dreaded -18771 Error Bug Been Fixed In Toast 11?

    I don't think anyone from Roxio reads any of our posts I love Toast 11 Titanium Pro but it is not capable of burning BluRay discs as advertised. Dan
  14. dpdan

    Stuck At 99%

    QThigpen,, I feel your pain but Roxio could care less
  15. dpdan

    Stuck At 99%

    a storm has knocked out power so I am at a stand still. I called Roxio tech support and they sent me a generic email with things to uncheck (yea right) I already tried that on my now 13 wasted BluRay discs. here is the info they sent.... Dear Mr. Kury, Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care. As per our conversation, I understand that you are having burning issues with Toast 11 wherein it stops at 99%. As a response, please follow the procedures below that will help you fix the burning issues using your Toast 11 software: # If you are using a drive that came built into your mac, run software update to ensure you have the latest firmware for the recorder. You can also double check on Apple's support site to ensure you have the latest version. If you purchased your as an external unit or installed it into your Mac on your own, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the drive to see if they have Mac compatible installer for the firmware update. If they don't you may need to use a PC to install the firmware update. # Media. Be sure that your media is clean and blemish free. Also, avoid using generic or store brand media. While some generic or store brand media is high quality, you're better off using name brand media or asking checking out our Discussion Groups to see what other customers have had the best luck with. # Reduce your recording speed to help reduce errors. By default, Toast will use the best speed, which is the fastest speed that your recorder and the blank media both support. Reducing the recording/write speed will improve data transfer rates when burning, and help avoid burn failures. * Click Recording Options > Recorder Settings. * Click the Basic tab. * Select a lower writing speed, preferable half of what you burner's maximum. # Don't Verify your data. Verifying your data is designed to make sure your project is burned correctly by comparing the data on your hard drive with the data on your recently burned disc. If you are running into burning failures, turning off Verify Data may help. * Click Recording Options > Recorder Settings. * Click the Advanced tab. * Uncheck Verify Data. # Enable Buffer Underrun Protection. A buffer underrun error occurs when your hard disk is unable to send data fast enough to the recorder while recording, causing the blank disc to be unusable. This option is available only if your recorder supports buffer underrun prevention. * Click Recording Options > Recorder Settings. * Click the Advanced tab. * Select Buffer Underrun Protection. # Bad connection. There are two things that can cause a bad connection: a problem with the OS recognizing the drive properly or a physical problem. * The drive may actually be recognized, but it may not function correctly. If the drive is not seen at all, check the Apple System Profile (Apple menu > About this Mac > More info) to see if the drive is listed properly under Hardware > Disc Burning. * If you have a bad physical connection, e.g. the drive isn't recognized, follow the standard steps of making sure all plugs and connections are secure and, if external, the unit is powered up. Also try shutting down and then restarting the machine with the burner or device powered up and securely connected. In case that the issue still persists, please send us the system profiler to further isolate the issue: How to get System Profiler in Mac. Click on the Apple icon ->About this Mac->More Info The system profiler is now open. Click on File-> Save As and select rtf in the File Format drop down menu. How to attach a file in a web ticket: 1. Log-in to http://selfserve.roxio.com 2. login using your email registered to Roxio 3. To the rightside you will see Quick Links, under 'Quick Links' click on 'View Your Help Ticket History'. 4. Click on the web ticket and click on 'Reply'. Add another attachment. 5. Please refrain from creating multiple tickets on a single issue to avoid confusion If you have any questions about the suggestion above or the issue still persist, please update this webticket with the steps you have tried and/or any additional information that may help us resolving the concern. Sincerely, Tin Roxio Customer Care http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/default.html Have you tried our online self-service tools? Knowledgebase?- http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx Discussion Groups - http://forums.support.roxio.com/ What's Next? 1. Log into https://selfserve.roxio.com 2. Click on View Your Help Ticket History. 3. Click on your ticket number to view the response and update. Thanks again, The Roxio Customer Support Team