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  1. I have tried everything to get a decent new recording using Sound Editor. I'm on Vista 32 bit, with a new sound card (SIIG), and new headset. I've changed my start options so nothing but the necessary drivers for Windows are running, and still this is the best I can do (attached). Support hasn't been able to correct this, so I'm turning here as a final shot before seeking a refund. I do like the user interface, but w/out a decent output, the program is pretty much useless to me. Thanks to all. Rick test.mp3
  2. ComedyWriter

    "hiccup" In Output When Exporting 2 Wavs Into 1 Mp3

    I followed your advice re doing this as a video project. I outputted as an mpg file, then listened. There was no hiccup. While this solves a bit of the dilemma, from a time standpoint, it's not resolved. As I stated in a previous post, I can always output with Audacity, but it's nowhere near as user-friendly when it comes to placing the voice file exactly where I want. But thanks to everyone for putting in the time to try and get this handled. For those who want to take a stab at this, I've included a file where the hiccup is a little more isolated, at the 23.25 second mark.RB Mix4.mp3
  3. ComedyWriter

    "hiccup" In Output When Exporting 2 Wavs Into 1 Mp3

    Glad someone else heard it, lol. I'm trying the suggestion of getting rid of IE9 also, although all of my startup programs are disabled in msconfig whenever I use Creator 2011. I hope this can be solved because I have used other versions of Roxio Creator, and really like the user interface. Thanks to all who've pitched in so far! RB
  4. ComedyWriter

    "hiccup" In Output When Exporting 2 Wavs Into 1 Mp3

    I got it (re Creator 11 vs. 2011). My apologies. Re IE9, I do not know if I have the Beta, but I'm uninstalling just in case, as I never use it. Thanks for the tips.
  5. ComedyWriter

    "hiccup" In Output When Exporting 2 Wavs Into 1 Mp3

    Thank you for your suggestions. I'll address each of your points individually: 1. The sound chip and its drivers are completely up to date. To verify this, I accessed support for my laptop at HP. According to them, everything is up to date. 2. I reviewed both my post and reply, and each time, I refer to Creator 11 in its entirety. 3. The raw clip(s) have no issues. I have listened to them individually, and in the dmse file, and there are no errors. It is only when I export the mix as either an mp3 or wav, that the hiccup occurs. There were no changes in the mic settings during the podcast. The error happens at the end of the "theme" wav, regardless of how much the podcast voice audio is overlapping it. It seems that the overlap is what causes the error in the mix output. To demonstrate, I moved the voice audio around and the error still occurred at the same spot (22 secs.) in the final mp3 or wav output. I've attached the mix3 wav, and the theme.mp3 (the wav file exceeds the 2MB limit here) so you can see that they are free of hiccups (or however they're supposed to be referred as). Thanks, RB Mix3.wav Theme.mp3
  6. ComedyWriter

    "hiccup" In Output When Exporting 2 Wavs Into 1 Mp3

    The "hiccup" is toward the end (22 second mark). "I'm Wicked Pictures contract star..." The word "contract" is mangled/doubled up. Believe me, it's not the player or the computer. When I analyze the file up close, I can see the error digitally. The drivers are up to date, but tech support claims my sound card is outdated. (And replacing a laptop sound card isn't easy) This sounds like a copout to me, as the hiccup is not audible when I listen to the files in tracks. I can only surmise that it's how Creator 11 merges the files. I've even tried merging the wav files into a single wav file, but I get the same result. This doesn't happen with Audacity. While the simple answer is to strictly use Audacity, I've paid good money for Creator 11 for this single purpose.
  7. The basics: Running Vista OS and Creator 11. All min. requirements for Creator 11 are met, and drivers up to date. I record a podcast with an opening theme. When I work with the wav files, I overlap them slightly as the theme fades out, and the speaking begins. I listen to the raw files (dmse) and everything is smooth, but when I export the mix to an mp3 (regardless of "quality" setting), there is always a "hiccup" sound where the first theme ends (approximately 22 second mark). The same thing happens at the end of the show, when I add the closing theme. Roxio support is trying to put the problem on an "outdated" sound card, but their explanation makes no sense. Anyone have any solutions, or is Creator 11 an inferior product? As an aside, I recently started using Audacity for my final output, and although the user interface isn't as good as Roxio, the mp3 output is error free. I've attached a 25 second clip so you can see what I'm up against. Thanks for any help! RB Mix.mp3